Monday, October 21, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Party Girls Are Not Good At Diets

Wow!  It feels like forever since my last post.  I was supposed to go out to a nice dinner Thursday night, but I had too much happy hour and ended up at the Taco Bell drive through.  Not my finest moment.  Friday I managed to follow through and make chili at home that would provide left overs for chili dogs Saturday.  So yummy!  Sunday is always a tough day to be good, but I think I did pretty well.  No brunch or mimosas, and I did make the roast I got at Trader Joes for dinner.  It's the precooked one you can microwave and it was a huge hit.  Now it's Monday, and I have to once again declare that this is the week I'm going to try to make some progress on the damn weight gain!!  It's a super busy week at work, so happy hour temptations will be my biggest issue.  Please give me enough self control to hold out until Friday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day 25

It's go out to dinner day!!!  I'm SO happy!  An unexpected bonus of this eating at home challenge is I am really appreciative each time we get to go out to a restaurant.  I've narrowed it down to three places and I have all day to think about it.  Last night was the first time I had to make dinner just for myself.  I really think if I hadn't already purchased my chicken breast I would have ordered take out of some kind.  Finally I gave in because making what I had seemed way easier than acquiring something else.  That's definitely progress for me, and it felt great.  I weighed myself this morning and I think I'm slowly losing the weight I gained over the weekend.  I really think one more week will give me a better idea of how things are going in the diet area.  I'm going to have to branch out with my chicken breast dinners, I had the same thing two days n a row and eventually I'll get sick of that.  Today I don't care though, because I get to go out!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day 24

I can't wait to go out to dinner tomorrow!  That said, I stuck to the plan last night and made chicken and salmon from the cold deli.  I made mashed potatoes that I found in the freezer section at Trader Joes. It comes in small disks that you can easily portion out for one or more people and make quickly in the microwave, they were delicious.  While I was there I also got one of their pre-made dressing on the side salads that is perfect for two.  I have not lost any weight according to the scale this morning which pisses me off since making dinner at home feels like so much work! Shouldn't that count as exercise?  I suppose I'm exercising my self control muscles. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day 23

I did it!  I made a totally new dish last nigh, and it worked out great.  The assemble at home enchiladas were easy and tasty.  Luckily the next two nights I've decided to go with a bare bones favorite that's super easy, chicken breast for me and salmon for my husband.  I'll stop at the Safeway cold deli on my way home from work and get enough for tonight and tomorrow, earn some fuel points and call it good.  This is in response to the diet portion of my goal.  I want to go out to dinner Thursday night, and wine tasting on Saturday so I need to make some headway in that area in the next two days. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Week Four

I can't believe I still have enthusiasm for this project!  It must be the challenge of saving money and the hope of losing weight while I do it.  So far I'm not sure how much progress I've made on either goal.  It seems like I must be saving money so that is great. I've become a bit obsessive about my stores loyalty programs and gas rewards points which adds some fun to it. I plan to use Mint at the End of October to compare to August and September and see how spending in both grocery and restaurant categories compares.  Losing weight is harder to judge because of what I'm doing on the weekends.  This is the first week that losing weight is going to become a focus.  The last three weeks I've just been focusing on not ordering take out or going to restaurants and adding wine to the list of consumables for the day.  Tonight I'm making chicken enchiladas for the first time.  I bought the sauce and pre cooked chicken at the store so I'm really just assembling dinner, which is the way I like it.  My goal is to eat in 5 days this week and exercise 4 times or at least 2 1/2 hours.  I've been to the store twice today and two stores yesterday, so this better be a kick ass week!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Mid Week Three

This is exhausting!  I really don't know how people work full time have kids and still make meals.  The grocery shopping is the hardest.  Thinking ahead and getting everything at once would be ideal, but I don't seem to be able to accomplish that.  I'm not ready to give up, I really do think I'm saving money.  Losing weight does not seem to be as easy.  I've had some pretty indulgent weekends lately, so it's hard to give it a fair assessment.  I'm still relying on a starchy side dish to encourage me to follow through with eating at home.  I love rice and pasta, but I need to keep portions in check.  I'm going to really try to use the weekend to get prepared ahead of time for next week.  Each time I don't call for delivery seems like a win so I just need to keep going.  I did make a reservation for Friday night today, so I have that to look forward to.  I can't wait!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: End of Week Two

Tough week!  I didn't go out last night, but I did have Taco Del Mar delivered.  I just couldn't face cooking last night.  I can justify my decision any way I want, but the proof was on the scale this morning.  I'm sure it's just salt and water weight, but I still have to write that down for my Friday weight.  It fell within reason as far as price goes, but I still feel a little guilty.  Hopefully this will help me stay on track next week.  My goal is to eat in Sunday through Wednesday of next week.  I have a lady date to attend some Portland Fashion Week Events on Thursday, so that's a built in incentive to be good the rest of the time.  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet Week 2

It started off rough, but I am back on track.  We stayed in last night (again) and had deli from Fred Meyer this time, so I spent even less than I had before.  I will admit that today is a struggle.  It's Thursday, and I'm ready to let loose for the weekend.  I was supposed to be off tomorrow, but we added a show so I have to go in.  Normally I would be annoyed, but this time it just may be the thing that saves me from myself.  It's First Thursday here in Portland and it's NOT raining!  This would normally be a trigger for me to indulge.  Especially since it could be the last time it's sunny here until Spring!  See, I could talk myself into it right now.  The saving graces are this; I have to work tomorrow, I already have my pj pants on, Fall TV is in full swing, and if I stay in tonight I get to have Spaghetti Factory for dinner tomorrow.  I love it there and since my husband is off pasta, it's a real treat to go there now.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lazy Restaurant Addict

I got off to a bumpy start Sunday with week 2 of cooking in.  I caved in to delivery, I blame the rain.  Monday I planned ahead to have hot bar at Whole Foods with my friend for our weekly TV date.  Last night was a chance to make a bad decision, but I resisted.  It's always tempting to go out for dinner and drinks when I don't have to work the next day.  Luckily, I planned ahead and got chicken and salmon from the deli.  It is very helpful that the Fall TV season has begun so there are lots of new shows to stay home and watch.  I have to work tomorrow, so I'm hoping tonight will be an easy win.