Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Battle Of The Weight Loss Shows

When The Biggest Loser first came out I thought it was terrible, then I started struggling with my weight.  I decided that maybe they had some advice for me and that while riding my stationary bike would be the perfect time for me to find out.  I found that the advice was solid and the repetition was helpful.  Each contestant has a different story, and while they may be heavier than I am, we are all struggling with something that has gotten us to where we are now.
The premise of the show is people are divided into teams with a trainer, they all live onsite and the environment is very controlled like a retreat.  They work out together and prepare meals together and at the end of each week they have a weigh in and the person with the lowest weight loss percentage goes home.  It's impossible not to put in my 30 minutes on the bike while I'm watching people try so hard.  Along the way you also learn things like which mall foods are the best and the worst and other helpful tips.  I find myself cheering for everyone and am almost always sad to see someone sent home.  
Now we have My Diet Is Better Than Yours  and I couldn't resist trying it out.  I was very skeptical when I started it, but I had bike riding to do so I just went for it.  The idea behind this show is each contestant picks a diet approach that comes with the creator of that method as their coach.  For example, there's the trainer who wrote a book around the Paleo style approach, and another that has a book specializing in busy families.  Then at the end of each week they have a weigh in and if you don't like the results you're getting with the trainer you chose you get one chance to switch to a new plan.  I really enjoyed learning about all the different philosophies.  I really love that the contestants do not get sent home.  The only people that can be voted out are the trainers and in that case you get to see another weight loss philosophy.  It turned out to be a really interesting show and I am definitely going to watch it again.  I also thought that the low carb Paleo approach that one of the trainers has would really be of interest to my husband so I have requested his book from the library. He said he would read it so I'll give you an update on that in the future.  
The only things I would say My Diet Is Better Than Yours has going for it over The Biggest Loser is the variety of diet approaches you get to sample at once and that all the contestants get to stay for the entire contest.  The bottom line is both of these shows can be motivating if you want to be motivated. I don't think I would enjoy watching them while just sitting on the couch because that would feel depressing, but as long as there is exercise to be done then I will keep watching both these shows while I do it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Ok, this is harder than I thought it was going to be.  I was doing so well and I really thought that the excitement of the new year was going to kick things into overdrive.  So far all I've managed to do is not gain a bunch of weight, don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for that.  In the past this would have been good enough, however, now I really want to achieve my goals.
I can actually envision myself living my ideal life if I just put in the effort.  I can picture me comfortable in my body, buying cloths that I love to put in the new closet of the condo I am really hoping we get.  The only thing standing in my way is me.  I think I got a little over confident with my food intake.  I feel like suddenly I'm having a snack or two and not really counting it.  Exercise is going pretty well, and I would like to add weights in this week.   There's no doubt that this time of year is tough because all anyone wants to do is stay inside and eat, but I guess that's why we get New Year's resolutions.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

False Start

I swear I should be able to predict some things by now.  For example, I will usually go bonkers right after posting my new years resolutions.  Everything started off right on track, I came home from work Friday night and we hung out and ate at home.  Saturday started off with brunch (with a coupon) then the remodeling show (coupon) followed by happy hour (reward credits and a gift card) then things got out of hand.  We ended up on the roof deck of a hotel with a bunch of people and not a coupon in the mix!  So basically I can't spend any money or calories for the next month.  Luckily I had a great time!
Now it's time to get serious.  I have been riding my bike which has been a pleasant experience, I would like to get back to 8 miles in 30 minutes then we can change it up.  It's time to mix in some weights, but I kind of dread it.  It's hard to commit to weights some times because at the moment I feel totally bloated and I just want to do some cardio and sweat it out.  Also, I think it helps me with my attitude which is another goal.  However, the science is irrefutable and I have to make it work.
I'm almost excited to start cooking.  I have a tendency to get excited about starting things, but the follow through is another story.  I have two recipes in mind that I'd like to try so maybe I'll grab some pictures and let you know how it goes.  Here's to the first fresh start of 2016!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016: So Many Possibilities

I am so excited for this year!!!  For starters I have finally made progress in my on going weight loss battle which gives me so much hope and momentum going into this year.  I found my resolution plan from 2014 and I was desperate to get to 139 pounds.  It wasn't until February 2015 that I achieved that goal after a massive toothache and a trip to Hawaii on the horizon.  Since then my husband has joined me in the fight and things have really taken off.  Of course, just like everyone else, the holidays have gotten me off the straight and narrow.
That's what's so amazing about the tradition of the New Years Resolution, you know I love a fresh start. This year I have a vision of a healthier me both inside and out.  I'm usually so focused on my weight loss goals that I don't have room for anything else, but this year I feel ready.  I expect to fail sometimes and to have to use various Mondays and holidays to reboot, but I will not give up.

My 2016 New Years Resolutions

Me as a person 

  1. Attitude - I am going to make a concerted effort to watch my attitude.  I do not want a snippy response to become my norm. 


  1. My goal weight is currently 130 and I am at 137
  2. Diet - log all meals even when I go over calories
  3. Exercise - use bike and add weights twice per week
  4. General - floss, take vitamins
  1. Save money - make a budget, eat out less
  2. Cook more - try one new recipe per week 
  3. Pursue hobbies & interests - knitting, learn Spanish
  4. Pursue voice work - there is no harm in trying to do voice work

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 In the Rearview Mirror

This has been an interesting year, one that I am happy to be done with.  A lot of great things like trips to Hawaii and Disneyland and weight loss for the whole family were the highlights of an otherwise difficult year.
Weight loss is the real story of 2015.  Losing weight feels amazing, the process to get there is so much less amazing.   No one really talks about the emotional journey that accompanies the end result of losing weight.  Most likely the overeating you did to put on the weight is linked to an emotional component.  When you take the comfort of the food away you're left standing there alone and exposed.  Depending on how long you've been hiding behind food this can be a very long and painful process for you and everyone around you.  You almost have to reinvent your old relationships, which can lead to several bumpy transitions.  Change is hard!! I don't think anyone would disagree with that.
However, with change comes opportunity.  I used to really like that we only really ever had about one fight a year as a couple.  This was not a year with only one fight.  Everything was a fucking battle! Moving to a tiny weird apartment did not help, but it was definitely getting used to not using food as a cure all that left us feeling as though we had no coping mechanisms.  Some really cool things that we have added to our lives to compensate for the hole food has left keep us out of the house.  We walked everywhere this year which used to be something we fought about, but now we both want to walk around downtown.  We go out and do a lot more now just to keep from sitting on the couch and eating.  We never get food delivered anymore which used to cost a fortune and fill me with regret.  It's so much more fun to buy cloths now and we are both trying new styles which makes going out a lot more fun.
I read my posts from this time last year and I feel pretty good about things.  What I feel best about is leaving 2015 in the dust and taking my thiner body into the new year.  I want more weight loss and less fighting for 2016.