Friday, September 27, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day Five

I did it!!!!  I made it through day five without going out to dinner!  It was SO close though, I almost gave in to temptation last night.  The end of the week is always the hardest for me, and I even called our local pub to see what the soup was.  Thankfully it was not one of my 15 favorite soups or I really think I would have caved in.  That and the Fall TV season has started so my DVR was full of things I wanted to stay home and watch.  It was much easier to stay in because I had stocked the fridge ahead of time.  That seems to be the key to success, that and making plans to go out on the weekend.  I enjoyed the challenge so much that I have decided to try it again next week starting on Sunday.  I'm already thinking of things to make.  Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day Four

This has been a long week!  Last night I had my weekly TV date with my friend and we always have hot bar from Whole Foods, so I knew I wouldn't have to cook.  It was nice not to have to think about what to make, but it still required a trip to the store.  My willpower is waning as the week goes on, that's for sure. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day Three

I'm on a roll!  I made dinner last night with the things I got at Trader Joes on Sunday.  I even ate lunch at home.  This week I've been focusing on making dinner at home more than calories and diet.  However,  I did buy sensible things that I can track on my phone with the app My Fitness Pal. This is my favorite tracking tool ever!  I haven't lost any weight this week so far, but I haven't gained any either.  Making sure I have everything I need for dinner from the store seems to be half the battle.  I have stopped at the store to pick up a few things everyday this week.  Luckily I walk past a store on my way home from work, however, I hope I get better at planning ahead in the future. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day Two

Monday is hard!  That said, I did pretty well.  I did not go out to dinner last night, but I did go to happy hour.  I hadn't thought of a rule for happy hour, but it seemed better than going out for a full dinner.  I shared an appetizer with two others and had two glasses of wine.  Then I went home and microwaved an Amy's frozen burrito.  Ok, one more glass of wine too.  I got to enjoy going out with my friends and still stick to the basic guidelines I set for the week.  This is tough, but so far so good.

Letter To The Today Show: Live Birth & Insemination? No Thanks!

Gross!!  Yesterday I had to see after birth with my breakfast and this morning you treated me to a turkey baster of sperm!  I do not want to see women in stirrups on TV.  I don't even get the point of this segment except to shock people.  Have you noticed we have an over population problem?  Maybe spend less time promoting breeding on your news program.  What's next?  The Duggars pooping out multiples in the studio?  I'll take my chances with GMA this morning thanks anyway.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day One

As you know I'm addicted to eating restaurant food.  It's costing me a fortune and increasing my waist size.  We spent the weekend at a resort, so by Sunday night I was ready to eat at home.  Well, at least as ready as I've ever been.  After we unpacked the car I went straight to Trader Joes and bought $88 worth of supplies.  This seemed like a lot to me, but truthfully that's about what we spend for one dinner at a sit down restaurant.  I chose to start with a pasta recipe that I like and am comfortable making.  It was not as hard to get off the couch and make it as I thought it would be.  The first day was a huge success in my opinion, so I'm feeling encouraged.  Here's to four more!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Addicted To Restaurant Food

I admit it, I'm addicted to restaurant food.  It works directly against both my sensible goals of saving money and losing weight.  Unfortunately, the closer it gets to dinner time all I want is anything but what I have at home.  I not only love the food at restaurants, but the whole experience.  No shopping, prepping, cooking or clean up.  Plus I get to sit and have a face to face uninterrupted conversation with my husband.  We have a small apartment, and there isn't room for a dinner table so the formality of an actual table and chairs feels decadent.  Sometimes I just really need that bit of fun and escape mid week.  The worst part is I'll settle for takeout just so I don't have to face the whole dinner preparation situation.  I realize that I could save a ton of money and have a larger condo that does fit a table if I could just embrace fixing dinner at home.  Even assembling things purchased from the grocery store would be a huge improvement. 
This is why my husband and I have agreed next week to make dinner at home Sunday through Thursday.  (Well, who are we kidding I go out to dinner on Fridays.)   I'm already nervous, but how bad can it be?  I've thought of a million reasons why it won't work out, but I do love a challenge so lets see how it goes.