Friday, February 26, 2016

Party Train Stops Here

Waiting for this short sale to come through combined with late February sunshine has made me act like I'm on vacation all week.  I went out Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and I already have plans to go out Saturday plus my in laws want to BBQ on Sunday.  I have to get off the party train!!!
Not only am I sabotaging my diet just when I should be working extra hard, but same goes for spending money when I should be pinching every penny! I am so frustrated with myself and yet I'm really happy and having fun.  It's a slippery slope when you want to have a life and spend time with friends, but your specific goals are to lose weight and save money.  That practically screams stay home and isolate, but that's not very realistic.  I also currently live in a tiny apartment that looks out onto a wall so it's not very inviting for spending time and talking.  I may have to skip the last minute BBQ and then buckle down next week and focus.  We'll see, either way I'm going to make the best of it.

Monday, February 22, 2016

February Blahs

I just realized it's been a while since I checked in.  Mostly I think that's because I have been completely stagnating and have nothing to report.  I haven't gained any weight, which is the most amazing thing ever, but I also haven't made any progress.  I continue to be at a weight I don't totally hate, but that is still some hard work away from my goal weight.  I'm in that limbo time of year where summer cloths and vacations still feel far away.  Unfortunately this is exactly when I should be powering ahead to reach my goals before it's too late.
I need to find a way to help me focus even though I'm all bundled up in my winter cloths.  Some of the things that have worked in the past are; hanging pictures of the place I was going, using a chart system to earn cash for a specific goal and posting my goal weight on the wall.  In fact, I believe it was a combination of all three that helped me along when I went to Hawaii last year.  Maybe I'll give it a try, it can't possible hurt.
Last week I heard something about it being the day of the year that most people throw in the towel on their New Years resolutions and gyms everywhere become noticeably less crowded.  This is also the time of year that my mother in law insists on going somewhere sunny.  It's nice to know I'm not alone in my lethargy, but it's time to snap out of it.  Good bye February it's almost time to March ahead.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Company You Keep

A friend at work that I see on a semi regular basis noticed that I'd lost some weight and asked how I'd done it.  It took me a few moments to answer.  I realized that one of the biggest factors in my current weight loss is who I have been spending my time with.  I still go out to lunch and have wine on a regular basis and go to happy hour, but not 3+ times per week like I used to.
Last year I was working with a friend that had almost as much free time and spending money as me and it was so fun and easy to just skip out in the afternoon and have long wonderful lunch/happy hours.  She no longer works close by and has taken a drastic pay cut in order to improve her life overall.  That's one partner in crime that's gone from going out a few times a week to about once a month.  We're both saving money and it's a real treat when we do get together.
My husband has stopped bringing home snacks and cooking multiple dinners per night so my temptations have been greatly reduced at home.  That is such a relief!  I used to feel so pissed off when he would have dinner then make several other things.  Not only did I wonder why I bothered cooking, but also I like to eat anything I want whenever I want too and it doesn't help when other people are doing just that in front of you.
My priorities have recently changed as well as my weight.  Deciding to buy a house quickly to take advantage of the lower interest rates and get out of the ridiculous rental market has put a focus on not spending extra money when possible.  Going out to fancy dinners has been reduced significantly which is ok because we went everywhere over the holidays.
As a result of all of these changes around me I have lost some weight.   It's amazing how losing some weight makes you feel better so you try to make better choices and work out more.  It's just goes to show what a little positive reinforcement can do for your waist line and your bottom line.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

House Hunting In Portland: Nothing Short About A Short Sale

I know, it's a total cliche to enter into a short sale and then lament on how long it takes, but sheesh. It's not the normal short sale part, it's the random stuff that pops up.  In our case there is a second lien on the property that the estate has to settle before the bank can approve our offer.  If we get to purchase this place at all it may not be until April or May.  We need to save money so the longer it takes the better it is for us financially.
In the mean time I plan to keep looking at places as they come on the market.  On the one hand I feel great that we chose the place we did because I haven't seen anything that even comes close.  On the other hand, if we don't get this place I will be so devastated!!!!  To wait all that time and grow attached while making plans will be a really hard pill to swallow.
I have been shocked at the lack of properties in my price range that I'm interested in.  None of the buildings I've looked at in the past have had a single unit come up since I started looking in ernest. That has been a real eye opener, and it's not helping me feel relaxed about the waiting process.  If I wasn't sure this was the place I wanted before, now I'm committed and the lack of control is so annoying!  Fingers crossed!