Monday, January 28, 2013

14 Days No Wine

In an attempt to impress my doctor at my annual physical I challenged myself to two weeks with no wine.  My vanity has prompted me to lose weight this year and I thought this would be a great start.  I can not believe how many fun invitations I had to turn down!  I do not have the will power to go out AND say no to wine.  The upside to turning down wine is that you also tend to cut out restaurant food which is excellent for my diet.  Luckily with all the sacrifice came results, thank goodness!  I am down 9 pounds since this time last year, which did impress my doctor.  In two weeks with no wine and minimal restaurant food I was able to lose 3.1 pounds.  This is a lot  for me!  I have no desire to become a teetotaler so my current goal is to drink wine and eat out only one time per week.  A girls gotta have fun, right?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go Away Lance Armstrong

I am so sick of hearing Lance Armstrong talk!  Why can't he just go away?! He loves to hear himself talk SO much that he's willing to risk prosecution just to get on TV.  I know people think that Livestrong is a good organization, but cancer awareness?  I think we're plenty aware, lets look at prevention.  I don't think he gets that it's not just that he lied and cheated, it's that he was such a pompous asshole while doing it.   And while we're on the subject of lying and cheating at games, who does that?  Children, that's who!  Poor cry baby Lance just wanted to be as good as the other kids.  Leveling the playing field etc.  I give that one massive eye roll!!!!  I hope the next time I hear his name it's followed by the list of things he's being prosecuted for.