Wednesday, December 9, 2015

House Hunting In Portland: Things Move Fast

Wow!  The Portland housing market is as crazy as people said it was.  My initial instincts were correct and the places I like are popular and sell fast.  It has only been a month and a half since I made my first observations on the speed that is required in this sellers market, in that time we found a place we wanted the day it hit the market and have entered a bidding war with four other people.

It came on the market a few days before Thanksgiving and was not available to view until the Monday after that.  We were the first to be allowed to tour the property and by then there were already four sight unseen offers!  We also discovered that day that it had changed from a conventional sale to a short sale.  This is actually great news for us because we are in a lease until March and can't really afford to pay double housing.  Offers were due the Friday after Thanksgiving and we still haven't heard the official word on the outcome.

I really want this place because it feels like it could actually be our forever place.  We had downgraded our expectations but this place has everything.  The only catch is it needs to be updated, but there isn't anything that needs to be fixed immediately.  Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

House Hunting In Portland: Game On

It's official, my husband has made a solid case for buying a condo sooner rather than later.  With interest rates threatening to rise and home and rent prices rising daily, it's time to get it together and take the plunge.  Several articles came out recently listing the Portland rental market as some of the fastest rising rents in the country including this story by a local artist in the Willamette Week.
Last spring we downsized our rent around $400 per month by moving to a slightly less trendy section of downtown and parking our car for free at my in-laws.  I felt very lucky to to find an apartment in a great spot that I found livable at that price and I am so thankful we made the decision to go for it.  I do worry that if we don't buy soon we will get boxed out by the other people like us that do jump out of the rental market and into ownership.  One thing is for sure, the rent is going to keep rising.
With that in mind I am going all in on the house hunt like I tend to do with any sort of fun project.  I saw my wedding binder recently and it was truly something impressive!  Haha!!  Hopefully I can execute this project flawlessly in half the time it takes most people like I did with the wedding.  I planned my ideal wedding and honeymoon in 4 months and I couldn't imagine doing that for a whole year.
We started looking about three weeks ago and I have already learned many things.  The first and most important thing is, every place I have looked at and wanted has sold in approximately one week. That tells me that there will be no sleeping on decisions, it's yes or no then proceed.  Our mortgage lender is a friend of ours and is on vacation until next week so we will get that together shortly.  After that we just have to wait for something to hit the market.  I hate waiting!!!  I have three apps cued up to alert me of anything that comes on the market in my zip codes and budget.  I feel so sad when I get up and there aren't any new places and so happy when I get an alert.  This should keep me busy or drive me crazy, at the very least I'm in the game.  The other thing that I have learned over and over again while looking is that you must stay true to the top three rules of real estate; location, location, location.  I am constantly tempted by multiple bathrooms in less desirable areas!  We already did that once and I refuse to let myself do it again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I don't know if it's the sudden change from Summer to Fall or what, but I feel lethargic.  All I want to do is eat and sleep.  I am finding the people around me exhausting and I just want to run away and lay down.  Maybe I'm not eating enough protein, or getting enough vitamin D.  I get plenty of sleep so that can't be the problem.
One Day Later...
I was too exhausted to finish this yesterday, but I feel much better today.  It has to be from doing the Portland to Coast Relay this weekend, but I was worried it was a cold for a second.  It's possible it's the changing of the seasons too.  I miss Summer already!  I like not bringing a jacket, staying light late and festivals.  Fall can be fun too, but it's just not the same.  In Oregon the rain gets tiresome and the days get so short.  Maybe it will give me time at home to work out and eat right.  Or I'll eat my blues away.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Good Fight

Life seems to be a series of fights large and small.  It's right out front sometimes like with the "battle of the bulge" and the more general response to how are you "fighting the good fight".  Relationships are no different even though we act like it should be effortless.  Nothing worth doing is easy, but sometimes it would be nice if that was the case.
When you change your lifestyle and eating habits drastically there are other side effects besides weight loss.  Unfortunately, this can take some time to get used to for the people around you.  I feel like emotions are closer to the surface and fuses are shorter.  When you preoccupy yourself with food it's easy to let other things pass you by, but when that buffer is taken away you may be left not knowing how to handle those feelings in a calm way.  Not that people without eating disorders have their emotional shit together, it's just that now you have a person whose personality has shifted rather suddenly and it's a little unnerving.  I often read articles in my lady magazines about people feeling like their friends are having trouble getting used to the new them because they want to change the habits that put the weight on.  I think it's possible that the emotional changes are hard for them to deal with, and more importantly it's confusing to the person changing their life for the better.  Except depriving yourself of the food and drinks you want and having to work out all the other shit is supposed to be good!  All I know is it's not what I anticipated.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Minute Goal Ditcher

I did it again!!!  I turned down an invitation to go to happy hour and Portland Burger Week then I caved in to a spontaneous pizza lunch!  Then to top it all off I lured my friend out to dinner and more drinks instead of having a sensible dinner and staying in to watch our shows.  I don't know why I can't just go to lunch and not totally over do it.  It's the most frustrating thing about me second to going to lunch after I told myself no in the first place.
Here's the thing though, I had a really good time.  I have a friend that's really sick and I bet he never sits around wishing he spent more time hydrating and watching tv! As I have said a million times after doing this exact thing, I have to just move on.  I'm going to have a prescription food day, pre measured everything and lots of water.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Secret Not Drinking

Sometimes I have a vision of what needs to happen, or not happen, in a week to meet my goals.  For example, this week we are leaving for a couple days at the beach and I would like to leave early in the morning. This means no drinking the night before so I can get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling my best.  In order to insure that I don't get too excited the night before and blow it I have schedule a night out with friends the night before that. This way I'll be all partied out and ready to relax and get ready for my trip.  The next level of the plan is that in order to want to go out that night I can't go out the night before that.
So when my friends invite me to things that threaten my carefully calculated plan I freak out a little. Sometimes I don't feel like justifying my reasons to people so I just make a random excuse.  I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed that it takes that amount of self manipulation or if I don't want to argue the validity of it when they don't care and still want me to do what they want to do.
Last week I over indulged and this weekend I will also want to indulge a little.  In order to keep my weight on track something has to give.  This week I only get to go out one night, and that's that. What bothers me is that I feel guilty somehow about sticking to what I want.  I can't decide if it's my friends that make me feel that way or if I make myself feel that way.  It really is a huge compliment that people want to spend time with me, but sometimes I can't reach my goals and participate in all social activities that I would like to.
This brings up the same conundrum I always find myself in.  Is it better to meet your goals or live life with friends to the fullest?  For now I will try my best to balance the two.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Conflict Of Interest

Sometimes I feel like I am my own worst enemy.  Not just in the going out spending and consuming way, but also in the not taking opportunities way.  I will randomly go out on a weeknight, but say no to a weeknight invite ahead of time to a band or event.  I could call it trying to follow my goals, but am I?  Maybe I just don't want to try new things.  I think I do, but what if I really don't?  Sometimes I hear what other people are doing and I worry that my choices are wrong or worse boring.    
I may succumb to the desire to go out on a weeknight, but the goal is always to wait until Friday.  Is that even a worthy goal?  On Sunday I like to relax and get ready for the week, like the Seinfeld Episode I have to wind down before I start my week.  I have a friend that doesn't have that need at all. She calls it "bad decision Sunday" and treats it as if it was as good a day as Saturday.  I am so jealous of that attitude.  On the other hand, when I do go for it on a weeknight I end up often regretting it the next day.  Monday feels daunting when you're in worse shape than you were Friday.  I suppose a good compromise would be to try to stop the random going out for no reason and join in when a good opportunity comes along.  I really am trying to save money and lose weight and none of those things are helpful.  Life clearly can't be all about those two things.  It's the constant struggle to achieve a balance between the things we want and the things we should want.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

Get It Together Lady

I have a million valid excuses for why my exercise program is off track and why I felt I deserved more out dinners than my calories or bank account allow.  None of them are good enough and I need to focus on how to get back on track.
I am going to go back to the incentive tracker I had before my trip to Hawaii when things were clicking.  I get one point a day for staying on calorie budget and one for meeting my exercise goals when I hit 20 I get $20 for my vacation fund.  I have a beach trip planned in a few weeks and I need to save up calories and money, I am really hoping this will be the incentive I need to get focused.
I love going out and having wine and summer is such a festive time.  If I could stick to a reasonable amount of wine and food then I could justify going out more often.  However, I have the worst track record for sticking to my calories once I have a glass of wine.  I wish I knew why I don't want to achieve my goals bad enough to stop while I'm ahead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Is Perfect?

The topic of perfection comes up a lot in life, from a simple compliment to a philosophical discussion,  perfection is a hot topic.  I often say things like "This was a perfect eating day." or "What would I do on my perfect day?"  The thing is, you can't really plan perfection.  It's one of those things that either is or is not and is determined by that specific moment.  You can plan for all the correct conditions to make perfect possible, but you can't predict how you will interpret the situation when it happens for real.
I took some time to think about my perfect day and I realized that the questions that come up are very practical.  Is this a dream day and expense and location are no object?  Is it a weekday that I'm off work and I accomplish things such as writing the great American novel?  The one constant I found myself listing was no outside deadlines or pestering.  I think that has amplified as a wish since work got busy.  Nice weather and pool or beach side are also top of my list when location is no object.  I find the idea of being warm and being by water very soothing.
What I would not have on my perfect day are worries such as, money, work and weight.  With me, and probably most people, it comes back to those three main issues.  I have said it a billion times, but if I spent less on eating and drinking out I could achieve the other goal of spending less money.  It sounds so simple until I'm bored and or hungry.  I saw a condo I wanted the other day for what I think is a great price and I realized it's my own fault I can't call up and just buy it.  I have control of all of my biggest problems, which is both exciting and depressing.  I have posted motivational signs around my house and I think they might help, but sometimes I just want to go out.  The struggle for perfection continues.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So Much Fun, So Little Summer

It's been a long time between posts because life has been busy.  Work has been busier and more stressful than normal which means a little more money, but a lot less free time.  We went to California for a memorial service and were able to stay and enjoy a few days at Disneyland which was so much fun.  You can get a lot of steps while having your fun there, thats for sure!
Things at home have been great!  We are cooking a lot more and finding new recipes together.  It's so nice not to make dinner and then have someone eat ramen noodles afterwards.  I find that we have more things to do and talk about since we both share goals.  Activities with walking are now suggested by both of us and we seem to try to tempt each other less with going out to dinner.  Don't get me wrong, we still go out.  That's one of our favorite things to do, we just go less often and to different places.
The one thing I feel like I need to work on is my weekday biking and long walks at a high intensity.  I worry that I will be lighter, but not as ready for Portland to Coast this August.  Last year I went for a lot of walks with my friend that walks really fast and I was not nearly as sore after the race.  This year she has a job that keeps her really busy.  That's helped me with the calories from long lunches and happy hours, but not the walking.
I have to work several weekends this summer, so I have booked two trips that are pool centered.  This keeps me motivated for getting bathing suit ready and also cheers me up when I have to go to work.  I just thought of another thing to work on, spending.  Weight loss and money are my two biggest concerns.  I over indulge in both causing me stress that triggers one or both of the things that caused the stress in the first place!  I drive myself crazy sometimes.  Oh well, I have to just keep trying.  I do feel like I am making progress in both categories right now, so that feels great.  Go team!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Could Get Used To This

After the initial shock of someone else making changes around my house I am totally on board.  We had the best weekend!  We have an annual membership to the Oregon Zoo and we went both days and walked around to get our steps in.  I didn't gain weight over the weekend and I love not being the only one counting my calories.  It's a whole new topic of conversation for us now.  I am even able to help him with his Myfitnesspal app.  I feel like there are so many more activities available to us now that we both want to walk places.  I can't wait for this weekend! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Getting With The Program

I've had a couple days to get used to the changes that need to be made around my house.  You don't realize how much buying things at the grocery store becomes a habit that supports your eating habit.  I spent all day today trying to stock up on the right kind of low carb low sugar foods while still getting what I want.  What I realized is what I want is to continue eating like I have been but lose weight.  Since that's not going to happen I think I'll give this new style of eating a try.  I really don't need that much pasta and bread and I obviously don't have losing weight all figured out so it really does seem like it's worth a try.
One thing I noticed is how expensive all the foods are that are low carb, high protein and produce.  Luckily since my husband just quit nicotine gum we are saving $200 a month there.  Also, if we eat out less it should all even out in the end.  Even though the beginning of a lifestyle change is hard I know it will be worth it in the end. 
I am so thankful for my stationary bike and incredibly walkable neighborhood.  Exercise is the one consistently goal orientated thing I do and it really makes me feel better.  I skip days sometimes and the next day I always dread it a lot less because it really does help.  Of course, if life get busy it can easily go out the window.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rubber Meet Road

Sometimes things just click and we start watching what we eat and exercising for no specific reason.  Other times you are faced with a goal weight, be it self imposed or doctor mandated.  We have just been presented with the latter.  I have wanted my husband to take his health seriously for a long time, now it seems that he will be forced to make some changes.  The scary part is I will have to make some changes too.  I don't really like change, and I prefer to be the in control person.  He needs a low carbohydrate diet, and I love carbs! 
I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but I can see now that it's really better for both of us.  We aren't getting any younger and if we want to do the things we have planned we will need to get fit and save money.  UGH!!!!  It always comes down to those two things.  At least exercising is still part of my routine. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Being Broke Is Expensive

The best word I can use to describe the month of April is aggressive.  We moved, my husbands wonderful grandma passed away, he lost a crown and we are broke.  While all for those things were rough being broke really magnified everything.  It reinforced what I have known for a long time and that is, being broke is expensive.  It forces you to make decisions that get you through the moment but may not be in your best interest in the long run.  When you run tight on money a few cents can totally fuck everything up.  The next thing you know you have fees and penalties adding up which put you farther in the hole.  It reminds me of the old "Owe my soul to the company store" song where you can't get ahead.  Not only that, I can't believe how much produce and proteins cost!!!  It's no wonder families can't afford healthy food! 
So far 2015 has been a money pit.  I had that dental emergency that has traumatized me for life, we went on my dream vacation and we moved.  That's why we're currently broke and I know that it is only temporary but it still feels scary and makes me less able to roll with the other punches that life throws.  Even though I really hate being flat broke at this stage in life I know that moving to a less expensive apartment was absolutely the right thing for us to do.  Watching what I spend has given me a new appreciation for the nice things that I often take for granted.  It's good to have a reality check every now and again, but I'm ready to buy toilet paper without checking my balance again. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Goal To Work Towards

I finally have another goal to work towards.  We will be seeing a large group of our family in two months and I would like to look my best.  I started my day by riding my bike for an hour and then I walked around town and I really think I can hit my 10,000 step goal for the day.  I went to the store to get breakfast and lunch for the week and dinner for two nights.  This will take me to Friday when I plan to have a cheap happy hour dinner and then cook at home Saturday and Sunday.  Of course it's Monday so we all know about the best made plans.  I work one evening this week and in the past that's been a trigger for me to spontaneously drink and over eat.
The other thing that is affecting me currently is that we are broke from all the moving expenses and having just been on vacation and the tooth emergency.  In some ways it's a good way to be forced to do the things you know you're supposed to do.  My goals include eating in which is convenient since I can't really afford to go out.  It also made me follow through and get a library card.  We have a great library and I should be taking advantage of it!  The weather is fantastic in Portland right now so that really helps with my motivation. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Settled

I'm finally starting to feel settled in our new apartment.  I still have a few boxes to unpack, but things are coming together.  I rode my stationary bike today for the first time since we moved and that felt amazing!  Exercise really does make you feel better about yourself.  When things are messy and unsettled all I want to do is eat and take a nap.  I still feel that way, but today I feel more optimistic and proactive. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What A Difference 5 Pounds Makes

I have put on 5 pounds since leaving for vacation, and it's made a bigger difference than you might think.  When I hit my goal before leaving I felt fit and I thought I looked pretty good too.  My cloths fit better and I just felt altogether more confident.  I even felt that my face looked thinner. 
I need to remember this when I'm eating bread for no apparent reason or acting like I'm still on vacation and I deserve to eat treats.  It was totally worth all the hard work I had put in!!!!  I felt amazing and so happy for myself.  This is why it's worth it to count my calories and stay within my range.  It's not really the number, it's the accomplishment.  It feels great to do what you set out to.  I have got tot keep that in mind when I'm struggling to see the big picture. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Moving Is Hard

Pulling all my stuff out and putting it in boxes is a lot harder than it seems.  It feels like there's no way to get it all and still have what I need from now until the day we move.  Of course this all makes me very hungry.  In addition it seems silly to buy groceries and then move them in a few days.  I really am excited to start saving money on housing.  I just can't wait to get it over with!!!  With all the distractions I just realized I over paid my rent on my current apartment!!!  UGH!!!!  I know I'll get it back, but it sucks!  Exercise is the one thing that is going well, I better stick with it. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Truth Hurts

Sometimes you have to face the actual truth about yourself and it can really be a shock.  My husband works hard and makes good money but we still use credit cards and aren't where we would like to be financially.  The reason is me. 
We both like to go out, but I like nice places.  He would be just fine sitting at home all summer but I plan trips.  It's a tough pill to swallow, but I have to really look at this behavior and do something about it.  I need to find a way to make dining at home as enjoyable as going out!  I like how we don't watch TV or work on our computers.  I know I have talked about this before, but I like to have a conversation!!!!  This is clearly the issue, or I need to get a full time job.  The choice is mine. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We're Moving Again

We have decided to move to a less expensive apartment so we can save money for more fun vacations and a condo of our own.  This was my idea and I am the one that pursued it and is making it happen.  Now that I have gotten the ball rolling I'm having trouble running with it.  I need to start packing but all I want to do is nap.  I over indulged yesterday, so of course today I feel like crap and guilty to boot.  I had planned to go out last night, but still have I no self control?   Today is the official start of my birthday preparations.  I will eat at home for the next week and do the exercise that is needed to meet my goals.
I can't decide if it's just feeling overwhelmed that has me thrown off or if it's my delayed post vacation blues.  I didn't work last week after we got back so I think it delayed the inevitable.  I think it's good that I have a big project to focus on, and I think I will be able to get it together starting tomorrow.  In the mean time I should just enjoy my unproductive day off with some shows and a little Sprite.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vacation Rebound

I had the best vacation ever!!!  I hit my goal weight the day before we left and I enjoyed every minute of our trip.  It’s to be expected that I have put on a few pounds after two weeks on vacation.  What I had forgotten about is the post vacation diet rebound.  In order to keep the vacation vibe going I tend to overindulge, and this month is Portland Restaurant Month where the best restaurants in town offer a three course menu for $29.  
Needless to say I am having a bit of trouble with moderation.  Luckily the one thing that’s going on track is my exercise habit.  I feel very lucky to have the convenience of a stationary bike at home.  It eliminates the excuses and makes things so easy for me.  We are also very fortunate to be having really great weather in Portland right now.  
I want to remember how ecstatic I was when I hit my goal weight, it was one of the best feelings.  I feel like the bathing suit weather vacation really gave me the drive to meet my goals.  I have a birthday coming up in just over a month and I want to get back to my pre vacation weight.  I need to go back to doing exactly what I was doing before I left.  I know it works and hopefully it will be easy to fall into those habits.  I need to do a full hour of cardio most days and weights a few times a week.  I also need to record my calories in myfitnesspal app for every bite I take and I need to leave some calories on the table at the end of each day.  There, now I just need to execute.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weight By A Date

In Portland right now it's beautiful and sunny unlike the rest of the country that's covered in snow.  I love Spring preview, as it's called in Portland.  We know it won't last, the rain will return, but enjoy it while it lasts.  That attitude is not always helpful for goal achieving.  On the one hand you can go out and walk around, but on the other hand going to happy hour and general frivolity become even more tempting. 
I'm trying to combine success and fun and I over did on the fun yesterday.  It wasn't that big a hit on the scale, but it didn't feel good this morning.  That's the thing about working towards a goal, it can't always be a step forward sometimes you have to accept the step back.  I have a strict deadline for the goal I am trying to achieve this time.  I think that has really helped me stay on track because I know I want to feel great on vacation.  I've decided that I know I've worked hard and I'm going to enjoy myself no matter what, but it really would be awesome to hit my goal weight.  Even as I type this I'm scolding myself for attaching so much importance to a simple number that can fluctuate with each grain of salt. I can choose to either live and die by the scale or enjoy feeling great, the choice is mine to make. 
I think I'll do this; keep working out as much as possible, log all my calories, drink lots of water and enjoy my friends and family.  No one ever left this world wishing they'd missed seeing friends so they could sit home and obsess about their weight!  So what if I weigh 142 instead of 140 when I leave for vacation!  Is that really the most important thing?  I won't have a scale on vacation, so for all I know that's water weight and I could be at 139 at some point on the trip.  Should I sit in my room and pout or should I go snorkeling and try new foods and activities?!  I will only use the scale for good and not for evil.  So there!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not Bad So Far

So far things are going pretty good.  I have been able to stick to my eating and exercising goals and things are positive on the scale.  I even felt OK about trying on swimsuits.  The thing I keep reminding myself is that I'm a little thinner, but not necessarily thin.  I'm trying to keep a positive yet realistic attitude so I don't get discouraged. 
One thing that is a little hard for me right now is the desire to isolate myself in an attempt to eliminate temptation.  I think this is a common problem when finally making weight loss progress.  In addition to that, being sick for over two weeks already had me hibernating and monitoring my every move.  I have found that I'm not quite back to 100% so maybe that has something to do with it.  I do know that I am really enjoying being a few pounds lighter.  I can already tell the difference in my face and in my cloths.  It feels so good I just want to keep it up, but I am also going to have to continue with life. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Swimsuits Are Out For Delivery

They weren't supposed to be here until Thursday, but the tracking says they are on a truck cruising Portland right now!  I had a great weigh in this morning after my hour on the bike, but I'm still feeling intimidated.  I must remember that I haven't seen the sun in several months and be kind to myself.  I also have over 2 weeks to work out and get a spray tan so lets keep it in perspective. 
I am feeling so much better now that I don't have chronic excruciating pain.  There's a crew outside my window right this minute sawing concrete and I couldn't care less.  It's mildly annoying, but who cares.  I hope I'm able to keep my positive outlook and appreciate the little things. 
I'm a little nervous about being social and derailing my diet efforts.  Tomorrow is a tough day food wise because I have a team lunch and my friend is coming over.  I have selected a smaller burger from the lunch menu and I can just get less hot bar for dinner.  Maybe I'll get half a sandwich and a salad instead.  Life happens and I need to be able to be a part of it.  Every day can't be exercise and prescription food. 
Now where the hell is that delivery truck?!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Progress At Last

I have finally seen some movement on the scale!  I am so relieved that all that suffering wasn't for nothing.  The three pound loss was just what I needed to motivate me to work harder.  It doesn't hurt that I ordered some swimsuits that should arrive soon provided the East coast weather doesn't screw things up.  I had forgotten how good it feels to get that first drop on the scale.  I really don't think it was just the illness, I have been working harder and paying more attention.  At least I'd like to think some of that played a part.  Now the trick is not to get cocky and back slide.  I think we've all been there a time or two too many. 
It feels so good to look forward to things and to have positive thoughts.  When I was in pain I couldn't see the bright side of anything.  I couldn't even look forward to vacation.  I realized the other day that it's been over two years since we took a real vacation.  I am so excited!!! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So Frustrated

I must be feeling better because I was distraught at having gained back a pound this morning.  My husband made several good points about all the canned soups I've been eating being full of salt, but still!!  You would think that after two weeks of eating only soft foods I could have lost some serious weight!  I realize that after two weeks of being totally sedentary I should just be glad I didn't gain weight, but I still can't help being disappointed about not having miraculous weight loss through illness.  I need to just drink lots of water and move on. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Resolutions

I know I touched on my goals, but I feel like I never really stated my intentions for the year and I want to take this opportunity before we get too far into 2015. 
  • LOSE WEIGHT!  For real this time, I want to weigh 130 pounds on New Years Eve.
  • Lower my cholesterol.
  • Learn to cook more dishes, branch out from pasta.
  • Make progress learning Spanish.
  • Write at least one chapter of a fiction story.
Here is to a happy, healthy & productive year!

Ups & Downs

I hesitate to complain because I am doing so much better, but last night was rough.  I think the antibiotics are making me have night sweats and the last time I woke up I was feeling genuine discomfort.  I've stopped using the word pain to describe anything that isn't excruciating now that I know what true pain is.  I may have over done it yesterday, so I'm not going to ride the bike today.  I would like to fit some lunges into my routine, but that's about it.  I had been off prescription pain pills for over 24 hours when I had to resort to taking some in the middle of the night.  
One thing I haven't mentioned is how great my husband has been through all this. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him!  A lucky side effect when I'm sick is I'm super quiet and very agreeable.  Since I'm normally a little high strung and opinionated it's a nice break for me and for the person taking care of me I would imagine.  For a brief period of time I experience what it's like to just go with the flow and let things be. 
That makes it easy to tell when I'm starting to get better, suddenly I notice the way the dishwasher is loaded or that the garbage needs to go out and I feel agitated.  As much as I enjoy not sweating the small stuff it is nice to only have small stuff to worry about.  It's even nicer to have someone that will hold your hand in the middle of the night and make things big and small seem better.  What's really important is to appreciate the good things in life and at least try to go with the flow every now and again.  I'm so thankful to be married to my best friend and I can't wait to go to Hawaii no matter what the scale tells me to feel!

Monday, February 2, 2015

One Week Later

If I knew then what I know now I would have been so much less optimistic.  The toothache from hell has taken over my life!  I am now, one week later, finally on the mend.  I didn't end up having to go to the hospital, but it got close at the end of last week. 
Today is the first day I was able to exercise and I made it 30 minutes on my stationary bike then I was exhausted.  I have finally lost a few pounds from not being able to eat or go out and that feels great!  At least it gives me something to motivate me to get back in the swing.  The one thing I never wavered on was my food logging.  I am truly surprised that I did it, but the Myfitnesspal app kept reminding me to log in and telling me how many days straight I had logged in.  I have been recording my food for over 30 days and that is really satisfying.  I was feeling so low last week, and it feels great to have some positive things at the end of it all. 
Now I have to really buckle down and work hard to lose weight before vacation.  I really think I could lose 5 more pounds before Hawaii.  One thing that's really helping my weight right now is I haven't had any wine in over two weeks.  Being sick interrupted my work out's, but it was off set by the lack of food and wine so I really need to just concentrate on moving forward and doing my best.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Speed Bump Week 3

I am experiencing my very first toothache at age 42 and all I can say is WOW so awful!!!  I have been lucky enough to never have had this type of intense pain before.  I have had surgery and stitches and root canals but never have I been in so much pain.  I have a root canal scheduled for tomorrow so I am less than 24 hours out from relief and I can barely stand it. 
You would think that I could lose some serious weight not being able to chew for several days, but in order to take the pain medication I have to get something in my stomach so I have been living on Sierra Mist lemon lime soda to settle my stomach and give me some glucose.  I have stuck to my food logging even with all the weird food choices.  I haven't been able to work out since last Thursday and it's really bothering me. 
With all the adversity I have been feeling for the past few days I felt excited and encouraged by the fact that I haven't let it totally derail me.  I miss my workouts and have them scheduled again starting the day after my dentist visit.  I may have gone over in calories some days with my soda diet, but I still felt compelled to log the calories anyway.  This is progress for me and it feels great!! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Day 15 Not Discouraged yet!

I am 15 days into my resolutions and I am not that much lower on the scale, but I'm still not discouraged.  I am exercising more regularly than I have in a long time, it's become part of my daily routine and I don't seem to dread it as much as in the past.  Cooking at home has been a really pleasant surprise, I don't seem to hate that as much as I usually do either.  Call it New Year optimism or pre-vacation motivation, either way it's helping me out.
One thing that is a constant distraction from my goals is time out with friends.  On the one hand I am really trying to stick to my program and lose weight and save money.  On the other hand, what is life without fun and friends?!  My strategy has been to record everything I eat and drink even when I go out and I try to do extra cardio before and after.  I haven't lost as much weight as I would like, but I'm not miserable in fact I feel happy and excited.  That has got to be a win especially when it comes to the idea of building a healthy lifestyle rather than a temporary diet.  My husband has been so supportive and helpful! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Day 6 Stay Strong!

Today is the day I fear the most, a late work day with lots of time to kill and opportunities to feel like I deserve to treat myself.  I have been really proud of myself so far and I really want to keep that feeling.  I have designated Friday as my cheat day and if I give in now that will ruin the fun later and I won't have anything to look forward to.  I also ordered some face stuff and I have to send it back if I give in to temptation today or tomorrow. 
I've been finding a lot of encouragement from the Today Shows month long segment #startToday.  All my favorite ladies are giving advice on the top issues of the new year; diet, exercise, money and organization.  I have exercised and made dinner for the last 3.5 days!!!!  Part of my resolve has also come from knowing I only have 53 days before I want to be on the beach in Hawaii wearing a bikini.  Stay Strong!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5 2015 Going Strong

Today is the first Monday of the 2015 and so far so good.  To be fair it's my perfect day,  my husband is at work and I'm home watching Friends on Netflix cleaning the house like my life depends on it.  The first two days of the year I got the holiday stuff cleaned up and out of here, but you can't really get a good clean with a husband hanging around making messes. 
I go back to work tomorrow and it's my toughest kind of day.  I don't have to check in until 4pm and I don't get done until 8:30pm.  This is my low resistance zone that encompasses happy hour and late night eating when I get home.  My current plan is to bring two sandwiches with me so I can have one for lunch and one for early dinner.  If I have one left over I can bring it the next day when I have to work a longer day, but just as late.  This is going to be a pretty good challenge to kick off the year with.  The next hurdle is the upcoming weekend, I'd like to go out a little maybe.  Who am I kidding?!  Ideally I would stay in next week but I fear a lunch invite from my friend on Friday and I really don't think I can resist.  Maybe if I don't go crazy I won't have to. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Day 3

It's always bitter sweet to put the Christmas decorations away.  On the one hand everything looks less festive, but on the other it's much cleaner and fresher.  I really do love a fresh start and this is going well so far.  I took the first two days of the year to clean up and regroup after all the holidays. 
Now I feel ready to get this year in gear.  I rode the stationary bike and made breakfast at home, so far so good.  I really do have two goals and luckily they compliment each other.  I want to lose weight and save money.  Since most of my money is spent on drinking and eating that should help.  I always try to think of some fun incentive, but in the end it's only the shear will to achieve my goal that keeps me going.  I still might pay myself to work out and eat at home, it sounds fun, in theory anyway.