Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rubber Meet Road

Sometimes things just click and we start watching what we eat and exercising for no specific reason.  Other times you are faced with a goal weight, be it self imposed or doctor mandated.  We have just been presented with the latter.  I have wanted my husband to take his health seriously for a long time, now it seems that he will be forced to make some changes.  The scary part is I will have to make some changes too.  I don't really like change, and I prefer to be the in control person.  He needs a low carbohydrate diet, and I love carbs! 
I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but I can see now that it's really better for both of us.  We aren't getting any younger and if we want to do the things we have planned we will need to get fit and save money.  UGH!!!!  It always comes down to those two things.  At least exercising is still part of my routine. 

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