Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Moving Is Hard

Pulling all my stuff out and putting it in boxes is a lot harder than it seems.  It feels like there's no way to get it all and still have what I need from now until the day we move.  Of course this all makes me very hungry.  In addition it seems silly to buy groceries and then move them in a few days.  I really am excited to start saving money on housing.  I just can't wait to get it over with!!!  With all the distractions I just realized I over paid my rent on my current apartment!!!  UGH!!!!  I know I'll get it back, but it sucks!  Exercise is the one thing that is going well, I better stick with it. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Truth Hurts

Sometimes you have to face the actual truth about yourself and it can really be a shock.  My husband works hard and makes good money but we still use credit cards and aren't where we would like to be financially.  The reason is me. 
We both like to go out, but I like nice places.  He would be just fine sitting at home all summer but I plan trips.  It's a tough pill to swallow, but I have to really look at this behavior and do something about it.  I need to find a way to make dining at home as enjoyable as going out!  I like how we don't watch TV or work on our computers.  I know I have talked about this before, but I like to have a conversation!!!!  This is clearly the issue, or I need to get a full time job.  The choice is mine. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We're Moving Again

We have decided to move to a less expensive apartment so we can save money for more fun vacations and a condo of our own.  This was my idea and I am the one that pursued it and is making it happen.  Now that I have gotten the ball rolling I'm having trouble running with it.  I need to start packing but all I want to do is nap.  I over indulged yesterday, so of course today I feel like crap and guilty to boot.  I had planned to go out last night, but still have I no self control?   Today is the official start of my birthday preparations.  I will eat at home for the next week and do the exercise that is needed to meet my goals.
I can't decide if it's just feeling overwhelmed that has me thrown off or if it's my delayed post vacation blues.  I didn't work last week after we got back so I think it delayed the inevitable.  I think it's good that I have a big project to focus on, and I think I will be able to get it together starting tomorrow.  In the mean time I should just enjoy my unproductive day off with some shows and a little Sprite.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vacation Rebound

I had the best vacation ever!!!  I hit my goal weight the day before we left and I enjoyed every minute of our trip.  It’s to be expected that I have put on a few pounds after two weeks on vacation.  What I had forgotten about is the post vacation diet rebound.  In order to keep the vacation vibe going I tend to overindulge, and this month is Portland Restaurant Month where the best restaurants in town offer a three course menu for $29.  
Needless to say I am having a bit of trouble with moderation.  Luckily the one thing that’s going on track is my exercise habit.  I feel very lucky to have the convenience of a stationary bike at home.  It eliminates the excuses and makes things so easy for me.  We are also very fortunate to be having really great weather in Portland right now.  
I want to remember how ecstatic I was when I hit my goal weight, it was one of the best feelings.  I feel like the bathing suit weather vacation really gave me the drive to meet my goals.  I have a birthday coming up in just over a month and I want to get back to my pre vacation weight.  I need to go back to doing exactly what I was doing before I left.  I know it works and hopefully it will be easy to fall into those habits.  I need to do a full hour of cardio most days and weights a few times a week.  I also need to record my calories in myfitnesspal app for every bite I take and I need to leave some calories on the table at the end of each day.  There, now I just need to execute.