Friday, February 28, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Brasserie Montmartre Happy Hour

Lately it seems when I'm headed to happy hour one of my old favorites, Brasserie Montmartre, is the answer.  I was there twice last week and everyone had fun both times.  The happy hour white is a pinot gris that's delicious and the burger with bacon is to die for, not to mention the mac and cheese.  The atmosphere is another huge selling point.  It feels like a cool old loft space with ample seating for both bar and restaurant, and they feature live music nightly. I can't wait to go back!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Irving Street Kitchen Brunch

I had to work this Saturday so I decided we had to treat ourselves to brunch at Irving Street Kitchen.  It was delicious as usual.  I had one of my standards, the 2 eggs, potatoes, bacon and their fantastic homemade English muffin toast.  My husband always gets the smoked scrambled egg nachos, it looks good but I don't like spicy for breakfast.  The mimosas are a good ratio of juice to champagne, but they don't always come fast enough for my taste.  I'm looking forward to trying dinner here, for some reason we have only had brunch.  I've heard their chicken and waffles is excellent and they serve it at both brunch and dinner. 

Restaurant Addicts Diet: I Don't Want To Succeed!

I don't want to succeed!  That's the only logical explanation I can think of for why I sabotage myself at every opportunity.  It turns out we are going to move in two weeks and I am so excited, I celebrated all weekend and had a great time.  Saturday I had brunch, happy hour, and late night eating and drinking.  So here I sit once again trying to use Monday as a launching point for good behavior.  I've been to the store and have salad stuff and chicken strips so there is no excuse for going out tonight.  I rode my stationary bike for 45 minutes and I forgot how good it feels to not blow off exercising.  Our new neighborhood is very walkable so the Fitbits will be fun to use.  Even though I drank all day Saturday I still managed to get over 18,000 steps which I have to assume is the reason for the scale not being as bad as I had anticipated.  I have to work really long days both Tuesday and Thursday and I have challenged myself not to drink until next Saturday when we have plans to go out. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: I Spoke Too Soon

UGH!!!  I just can't seem to get myself on track.  My excuses have gone as such; Super Bowl, snow storm and now Valentines Weekend.  We are talking about moving, so you know I'll use that excuse whether we move or not!  In fact, I combined Valentines Day and a possible move for happy hour at Jake's Grill and a trip to City Target this Saturday.  It was so great!  It really was worth it even though I'm up 4 pounds from when I started this experiment of eating out less.  Today is Monday, and the one thing that Monday is good for is starting fresh.  I'm on track with breakfast and lunch and I had to walk today and will again this afternoon.  That just leaves dinner and I used all my salad supplies yesterday, so I do need to stop at the store.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Making Progress

I did it, I made the jambalaya I had planned!  Everything was going so well until I realized that the brown rice I was using required more cooking time.  Rice is SO touchy!  Once I took the lid off there was no getting it completely cooked.  Luckily I was able to add more chicken stock and cook it quite a bit more, but it just never got to the texture I was looking for.  The upside is it was still good and I was able to adapt to a problem in the kitchen.  The experience also left me wanting to try it again and get it perfect instead of feeling discouraged and mad which is progress.  My challenge today is that I have to work late and that's a slippery slope for me with wine and snacks.    I can't wait until Friday!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Back On the Wagon Take Two

I am having a very hard time getting back on track after Super Bowl and the snowstorm.  To make matters worse I am working late a few nights a week for the next few weeks which is always a trigger for me to over eat and drink.  Last night we were going to try a new place but I got done so late at work that we hit the drive through instead, very disappointing.  Tonight I'm going to make jambalaya which I've made before and we both like.  I'm already looking forward to the weekend and I can't wait!  However, I do want to feel better going into next week than I did this Monday.  I have ordered two complete dinners and dessert from Elephants Delicatessen to celebrate Valentines Day Friday night.  We decided a long time ago that we don't enjoy eating out on the biggest date night of the year.  Then I'm thinking tacos on Saturday night and I'm going to try low carb tortillas for the first time. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Tilt

There's a new casual eatery in Portland's Pearl District called Tilt.  It's very Portland, with loud music and shop towels for napkins.  They serve sandwiches, burgers and breakfast all day.  My husband had been there for lunch several times, and already has a favorite.  He gets the Classic Italian which I tasted and it was really good.  I got the burger and it was good, but I ordered it well done and it was more medium.  I can't tell if they don't care how I want it, or if it just didn't work out this one time.  They have a full bar, and they had several choices of wine and I will definitely go back, but I might get the Italian sandwich. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Snowed In

I was getting ready for a snow storm to hit on Saturday, then it came Thursday.  The upside is the worst day of the week at work got canceled, and I was able to get a few things prepared.  I stopped at Safeway on my way home and got pizza which I quickly ate way too much of.  Today I am hoping to get it under control with a normal day and the frozen chicken cordon blues I picked up last week.  I was supposed to get to go to a new restaurant tonight, but it looks like that will have to wait.  Oh well, a snow day and the Olympics will fill in nicely. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Low Will Power

I had the best intentions of making chili last night!  Then I got a "lets have Panda Express" text from my husband and I just couldn't resist the easy solution to my dinner making issue.  Not only is it tasty, but it's cheap and I don't feel that guilty eating it.  That said, I am definitely making chili tonight.  Since planning ahead has helped me in the past I am already making plans to stay in this weekend.  The Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics is Friday and the weather is calling for snow so it seems like the perfect opportunity to stay warm and eat in.  I'm thinking a pizza bar with take and bake pizza from the store and toppings to add.  Then Saturday I'd like to make tacos and try the lower carb tortillas.  I think it would be a good idea to add one more dinner and at least one lunch option.  My go to weekend lunch is grilled cheese and tomato soup.  The only issue there is excessive bread that I love so much.  That will give me something to think about the rest of the week. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Cafe Nell

Since we have been eating out slightly less often my goal is to try new places.  We decided to start our Super Bowl Sunday with brunch at Cafe Nell.  I have been wanting to try this place since last summer, and it was worth the wait.  I started off with a Manmosa, which was just the right mix of juice.  I take every opportunity I can to get a great Benedict.  You have to be so careful not to order one anywhere that might use a premade sauce.  It was delicious!  The sauce and the biscuit were homemade and just right, and it wasn't too salty.  My husband had the Huevos Rancheros with the sausage sauce on the side and he loved it too.  I can't wait to go back and try dinner. 

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Back On The Wagon

My second week back at work was a very busy one.  I did pretty well, but after Super Bowl weekend it's time to get real about my goals.  We have been invited to Hawaii for Christmas next year, and we want to stay for 2 weeks.  Not only do I want to look fantastic in my bikini, but I also know how expensive it's going to be.  With the Olympics to enjoy while hanging out at home it seems like a great time to do my best.  The premade chicken cordon blues I bought were great and could not have been easier.  Tonight I'm going to make a pot of chili, then tomorrow we can have chili dogs without the bun.  I could really use a carb reduction in my life not to mention wine.  One nice thing about work is I'm almost guaranteed to get my 10,000 steps in.  Here's to a successful FABuary!