Monday, January 26, 2015

Speed Bump Week 3

I am experiencing my very first toothache at age 42 and all I can say is WOW so awful!!!  I have been lucky enough to never have had this type of intense pain before.  I have had surgery and stitches and root canals but never have I been in so much pain.  I have a root canal scheduled for tomorrow so I am less than 24 hours out from relief and I can barely stand it. 
You would think that I could lose some serious weight not being able to chew for several days, but in order to take the pain medication I have to get something in my stomach so I have been living on Sierra Mist lemon lime soda to settle my stomach and give me some glucose.  I have stuck to my food logging even with all the weird food choices.  I haven't been able to work out since last Thursday and it's really bothering me. 
With all the adversity I have been feeling for the past few days I felt excited and encouraged by the fact that I haven't let it totally derail me.  I miss my workouts and have them scheduled again starting the day after my dentist visit.  I may have gone over in calories some days with my soda diet, but I still felt compelled to log the calories anyway.  This is progress for me and it feels great!! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Day 15 Not Discouraged yet!

I am 15 days into my resolutions and I am not that much lower on the scale, but I'm still not discouraged.  I am exercising more regularly than I have in a long time, it's become part of my daily routine and I don't seem to dread it as much as in the past.  Cooking at home has been a really pleasant surprise, I don't seem to hate that as much as I usually do either.  Call it New Year optimism or pre-vacation motivation, either way it's helping me out.
One thing that is a constant distraction from my goals is time out with friends.  On the one hand I am really trying to stick to my program and lose weight and save money.  On the other hand, what is life without fun and friends?!  My strategy has been to record everything I eat and drink even when I go out and I try to do extra cardio before and after.  I haven't lost as much weight as I would like, but I'm not miserable in fact I feel happy and excited.  That has got to be a win especially when it comes to the idea of building a healthy lifestyle rather than a temporary diet.  My husband has been so supportive and helpful! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Day 6 Stay Strong!

Today is the day I fear the most, a late work day with lots of time to kill and opportunities to feel like I deserve to treat myself.  I have been really proud of myself so far and I really want to keep that feeling.  I have designated Friday as my cheat day and if I give in now that will ruin the fun later and I won't have anything to look forward to.  I also ordered some face stuff and I have to send it back if I give in to temptation today or tomorrow. 
I've been finding a lot of encouragement from the Today Shows month long segment #startToday.  All my favorite ladies are giving advice on the top issues of the new year; diet, exercise, money and organization.  I have exercised and made dinner for the last 3.5 days!!!!  Part of my resolve has also come from knowing I only have 53 days before I want to be on the beach in Hawaii wearing a bikini.  Stay Strong!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5 2015 Going Strong

Today is the first Monday of the 2015 and so far so good.  To be fair it's my perfect day,  my husband is at work and I'm home watching Friends on Netflix cleaning the house like my life depends on it.  The first two days of the year I got the holiday stuff cleaned up and out of here, but you can't really get a good clean with a husband hanging around making messes. 
I go back to work tomorrow and it's my toughest kind of day.  I don't have to check in until 4pm and I don't get done until 8:30pm.  This is my low resistance zone that encompasses happy hour and late night eating when I get home.  My current plan is to bring two sandwiches with me so I can have one for lunch and one for early dinner.  If I have one left over I can bring it the next day when I have to work a longer day, but just as late.  This is going to be a pretty good challenge to kick off the year with.  The next hurdle is the upcoming weekend, I'd like to go out a little maybe.  Who am I kidding?!  Ideally I would stay in next week but I fear a lunch invite from my friend on Friday and I really don't think I can resist.  Maybe if I don't go crazy I won't have to. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Day 3

It's always bitter sweet to put the Christmas decorations away.  On the one hand everything looks less festive, but on the other it's much cleaner and fresher.  I really do love a fresh start and this is going well so far.  I took the first two days of the year to clean up and regroup after all the holidays. 
Now I feel ready to get this year in gear.  I rode the stationary bike and made breakfast at home, so far so good.  I really do have two goals and luckily they compliment each other.  I want to lose weight and save money.  Since most of my money is spent on drinking and eating that should help.  I always try to think of some fun incentive, but in the end it's only the shear will to achieve my goal that keeps me going.  I still might pay myself to work out and eat at home, it sounds fun, in theory anyway.