Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Day 3

It's always bitter sweet to put the Christmas decorations away.  On the one hand everything looks less festive, but on the other it's much cleaner and fresher.  I really do love a fresh start and this is going well so far.  I took the first two days of the year to clean up and regroup after all the holidays. 
Now I feel ready to get this year in gear.  I rode the stationary bike and made breakfast at home, so far so good.  I really do have two goals and luckily they compliment each other.  I want to lose weight and save money.  Since most of my money is spent on drinking and eating that should help.  I always try to think of some fun incentive, but in the end it's only the shear will to achieve my goal that keeps me going.  I still might pay myself to work out and eat at home, it sounds fun, in theory anyway. 

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