Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Day 6 Stay Strong!

Today is the day I fear the most, a late work day with lots of time to kill and opportunities to feel like I deserve to treat myself.  I have been really proud of myself so far and I really want to keep that feeling.  I have designated Friday as my cheat day and if I give in now that will ruin the fun later and I won't have anything to look forward to.  I also ordered some face stuff and I have to send it back if I give in to temptation today or tomorrow. 
I've been finding a lot of encouragement from the Today Shows month long segment #startToday.  All my favorite ladies are giving advice on the top issues of the new year; diet, exercise, money and organization.  I have exercised and made dinner for the last 3.5 days!!!!  Part of my resolve has also come from knowing I only have 53 days before I want to be on the beach in Hawaii wearing a bikini.  Stay Strong!!!!!!

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