Thursday, May 7, 2015

Getting With The Program

I've had a couple days to get used to the changes that need to be made around my house.  You don't realize how much buying things at the grocery store becomes a habit that supports your eating habit.  I spent all day today trying to stock up on the right kind of low carb low sugar foods while still getting what I want.  What I realized is what I want is to continue eating like I have been but lose weight.  Since that's not going to happen I think I'll give this new style of eating a try.  I really don't need that much pasta and bread and I obviously don't have losing weight all figured out so it really does seem like it's worth a try.
One thing I noticed is how expensive all the foods are that are low carb, high protein and produce.  Luckily since my husband just quit nicotine gum we are saving $200 a month there.  Also, if we eat out less it should all even out in the end.  Even though the beginning of a lifestyle change is hard I know it will be worth it in the end. 
I am so thankful for my stationary bike and incredibly walkable neighborhood.  Exercise is the one consistently goal orientated thing I do and it really makes me feel better.  I skip days sometimes and the next day I always dread it a lot less because it really does help.  Of course, if life get busy it can easily go out the window.  

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