Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What A Difference 5 Pounds Makes

I have put on 5 pounds since leaving for vacation, and it's made a bigger difference than you might think.  When I hit my goal before leaving I felt fit and I thought I looked pretty good too.  My cloths fit better and I just felt altogether more confident.  I even felt that my face looked thinner. 
I need to remember this when I'm eating bread for no apparent reason or acting like I'm still on vacation and I deserve to eat treats.  It was totally worth all the hard work I had put in!!!!  I felt amazing and so happy for myself.  This is why it's worth it to count my calories and stay within my range.  It's not really the number, it's the accomplishment.  It feels great to do what you set out to.  I have got tot keep that in mind when I'm struggling to see the big picture. 

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