Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So Much Fun, So Little Summer

It's been a long time between posts because life has been busy.  Work has been busier and more stressful than normal which means a little more money, but a lot less free time.  We went to California for a memorial service and were able to stay and enjoy a few days at Disneyland which was so much fun.  You can get a lot of steps while having your fun there, thats for sure!
Things at home have been great!  We are cooking a lot more and finding new recipes together.  It's so nice not to make dinner and then have someone eat ramen noodles afterwards.  I find that we have more things to do and talk about since we both share goals.  Activities with walking are now suggested by both of us and we seem to try to tempt each other less with going out to dinner.  Don't get me wrong, we still go out.  That's one of our favorite things to do, we just go less often and to different places.
The one thing I feel like I need to work on is my weekday biking and long walks at a high intensity.  I worry that I will be lighter, but not as ready for Portland to Coast this August.  Last year I went for a lot of walks with my friend that walks really fast and I was not nearly as sore after the race.  This year she has a job that keeps her really busy.  That's helped me with the calories from long lunches and happy hours, but not the walking.
I have to work several weekends this summer, so I have booked two trips that are pool centered.  This keeps me motivated for getting bathing suit ready and also cheers me up when I have to go to work.  I just thought of another thing to work on, spending.  Weight loss and money are my two biggest concerns.  I over indulge in both causing me stress that triggers one or both of the things that caused the stress in the first place!  I drive myself crazy sometimes.  Oh well, I have to just keep trying.  I do feel like I am making progress in both categories right now, so that feels great.  Go team!

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