Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Is Perfect?

The topic of perfection comes up a lot in life, from a simple compliment to a philosophical discussion,  perfection is a hot topic.  I often say things like "This was a perfect eating day." or "What would I do on my perfect day?"  The thing is, you can't really plan perfection.  It's one of those things that either is or is not and is determined by that specific moment.  You can plan for all the correct conditions to make perfect possible, but you can't predict how you will interpret the situation when it happens for real.
I took some time to think about my perfect day and I realized that the questions that come up are very practical.  Is this a dream day and expense and location are no object?  Is it a weekday that I'm off work and I accomplish things such as writing the great American novel?  The one constant I found myself listing was no outside deadlines or pestering.  I think that has amplified as a wish since work got busy.  Nice weather and pool or beach side are also top of my list when location is no object.  I find the idea of being warm and being by water very soothing.
What I would not have on my perfect day are worries such as, money, work and weight.  With me, and probably most people, it comes back to those three main issues.  I have said it a billion times, but if I spent less on eating and drinking out I could achieve the other goal of spending less money.  It sounds so simple until I'm bored and or hungry.  I saw a condo I wanted the other day for what I think is a great price and I realized it's my own fault I can't call up and just buy it.  I have control of all of my biggest problems, which is both exciting and depressing.  I have posted motivational signs around my house and I think they might help, but sometimes I just want to go out.  The struggle for perfection continues.

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