Wednesday, December 9, 2015

House Hunting In Portland: Things Move Fast

Wow!  The Portland housing market is as crazy as people said it was.  My initial instincts were correct and the places I like are popular and sell fast.  It has only been a month and a half since I made my first observations on the speed that is required in this sellers market, in that time we found a place we wanted the day it hit the market and have entered a bidding war with four other people.

It came on the market a few days before Thanksgiving and was not available to view until the Monday after that.  We were the first to be allowed to tour the property and by then there were already four sight unseen offers!  We also discovered that day that it had changed from a conventional sale to a short sale.  This is actually great news for us because we are in a lease until March and can't really afford to pay double housing.  Offers were due the Friday after Thanksgiving and we still haven't heard the official word on the outcome.

I really want this place because it feels like it could actually be our forever place.  We had downgraded our expectations but this place has everything.  The only catch is it needs to be updated, but there isn't anything that needs to be fixed immediately.  Fingers crossed!!

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