Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 In the Rearview Mirror

This has been an interesting year, one that I am happy to be done with.  A lot of great things like trips to Hawaii and Disneyland and weight loss for the whole family were the highlights of an otherwise difficult year.
Weight loss is the real story of 2015.  Losing weight feels amazing, the process to get there is so much less amazing.   No one really talks about the emotional journey that accompanies the end result of losing weight.  Most likely the overeating you did to put on the weight is linked to an emotional component.  When you take the comfort of the food away you're left standing there alone and exposed.  Depending on how long you've been hiding behind food this can be a very long and painful process for you and everyone around you.  You almost have to reinvent your old relationships, which can lead to several bumpy transitions.  Change is hard!! I don't think anyone would disagree with that.
However, with change comes opportunity.  I used to really like that we only really ever had about one fight a year as a couple.  This was not a year with only one fight.  Everything was a fucking battle! Moving to a tiny weird apartment did not help, but it was definitely getting used to not using food as a cure all that left us feeling as though we had no coping mechanisms.  Some really cool things that we have added to our lives to compensate for the hole food has left keep us out of the house.  We walked everywhere this year which used to be something we fought about, but now we both want to walk around downtown.  We go out and do a lot more now just to keep from sitting on the couch and eating.  We never get food delivered anymore which used to cost a fortune and fill me with regret.  It's so much more fun to buy cloths now and we are both trying new styles which makes going out a lot more fun.
I read my posts from this time last year and I feel pretty good about things.  What I feel best about is leaving 2015 in the dust and taking my thiner body into the new year.  I want more weight loss and less fighting for 2016.

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