Wednesday, January 13, 2016

False Start

I swear I should be able to predict some things by now.  For example, I will usually go bonkers right after posting my new years resolutions.  Everything started off right on track, I came home from work Friday night and we hung out and ate at home.  Saturday started off with brunch (with a coupon) then the remodeling show (coupon) followed by happy hour (reward credits and a gift card) then things got out of hand.  We ended up on the roof deck of a hotel with a bunch of people and not a coupon in the mix!  So basically I can't spend any money or calories for the next month.  Luckily I had a great time!
Now it's time to get serious.  I have been riding my bike which has been a pleasant experience, I would like to get back to 8 miles in 30 minutes then we can change it up.  It's time to mix in some weights, but I kind of dread it.  It's hard to commit to weights some times because at the moment I feel totally bloated and I just want to do some cardio and sweat it out.  Also, I think it helps me with my attitude which is another goal.  However, the science is irrefutable and I have to make it work.
I'm almost excited to start cooking.  I have a tendency to get excited about starting things, but the follow through is another story.  I have two recipes in mind that I'd like to try so maybe I'll grab some pictures and let you know how it goes.  Here's to the first fresh start of 2016!

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