Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Swimsuits Are Out For Delivery

They weren't supposed to be here until Thursday, but the tracking says they are on a truck cruising Portland right now!  I had a great weigh in this morning after my hour on the bike, but I'm still feeling intimidated.  I must remember that I haven't seen the sun in several months and be kind to myself.  I also have over 2 weeks to work out and get a spray tan so lets keep it in perspective. 
I am feeling so much better now that I don't have chronic excruciating pain.  There's a crew outside my window right this minute sawing concrete and I couldn't care less.  It's mildly annoying, but who cares.  I hope I'm able to keep my positive outlook and appreciate the little things. 
I'm a little nervous about being social and derailing my diet efforts.  Tomorrow is a tough day food wise because I have a team lunch and my friend is coming over.  I have selected a smaller burger from the lunch menu and I can just get less hot bar for dinner.  Maybe I'll get half a sandwich and a salad instead.  Life happens and I need to be able to be a part of it.  Every day can't be exercise and prescription food. 
Now where the hell is that delivery truck?!

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