Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weight By A Date

In Portland right now it's beautiful and sunny unlike the rest of the country that's covered in snow.  I love Spring preview, as it's called in Portland.  We know it won't last, the rain will return, but enjoy it while it lasts.  That attitude is not always helpful for goal achieving.  On the one hand you can go out and walk around, but on the other hand going to happy hour and general frivolity become even more tempting. 
I'm trying to combine success and fun and I over did on the fun yesterday.  It wasn't that big a hit on the scale, but it didn't feel good this morning.  That's the thing about working towards a goal, it can't always be a step forward sometimes you have to accept the step back.  I have a strict deadline for the goal I am trying to achieve this time.  I think that has really helped me stay on track because I know I want to feel great on vacation.  I've decided that I know I've worked hard and I'm going to enjoy myself no matter what, but it really would be awesome to hit my goal weight.  Even as I type this I'm scolding myself for attaching so much importance to a simple number that can fluctuate with each grain of salt. I can choose to either live and die by the scale or enjoy feeling great, the choice is mine to make. 
I think I'll do this; keep working out as much as possible, log all my calories, drink lots of water and enjoy my friends and family.  No one ever left this world wishing they'd missed seeing friends so they could sit home and obsess about their weight!  So what if I weigh 142 instead of 140 when I leave for vacation!  Is that really the most important thing?  I won't have a scale on vacation, so for all I know that's water weight and I could be at 139 at some point on the trip.  Should I sit in my room and pout or should I go snorkeling and try new foods and activities?!  I will only use the scale for good and not for evil.  So there!

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