Friday, February 5, 2016

The Company You Keep

A friend at work that I see on a semi regular basis noticed that I'd lost some weight and asked how I'd done it.  It took me a few moments to answer.  I realized that one of the biggest factors in my current weight loss is who I have been spending my time with.  I still go out to lunch and have wine on a regular basis and go to happy hour, but not 3+ times per week like I used to.
Last year I was working with a friend that had almost as much free time and spending money as me and it was so fun and easy to just skip out in the afternoon and have long wonderful lunch/happy hours.  She no longer works close by and has taken a drastic pay cut in order to improve her life overall.  That's one partner in crime that's gone from going out a few times a week to about once a month.  We're both saving money and it's a real treat when we do get together.
My husband has stopped bringing home snacks and cooking multiple dinners per night so my temptations have been greatly reduced at home.  That is such a relief!  I used to feel so pissed off when he would have dinner then make several other things.  Not only did I wonder why I bothered cooking, but also I like to eat anything I want whenever I want too and it doesn't help when other people are doing just that in front of you.
My priorities have recently changed as well as my weight.  Deciding to buy a house quickly to take advantage of the lower interest rates and get out of the ridiculous rental market has put a focus on not spending extra money when possible.  Going out to fancy dinners has been reduced significantly which is ok because we went everywhere over the holidays.
As a result of all of these changes around me I have lost some weight.   It's amazing how losing some weight makes you feel better so you try to make better choices and work out more.  It's just goes to show what a little positive reinforcement can do for your waist line and your bottom line.

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