Tuesday, February 2, 2016

House Hunting In Portland: Nothing Short About A Short Sale

I know, it's a total cliche to enter into a short sale and then lament on how long it takes, but sheesh. It's not the normal short sale part, it's the random stuff that pops up.  In our case there is a second lien on the property that the estate has to settle before the bank can approve our offer.  If we get to purchase this place at all it may not be until April or May.  We need to save money so the longer it takes the better it is for us financially.
In the mean time I plan to keep looking at places as they come on the market.  On the one hand I feel great that we chose the place we did because I haven't seen anything that even comes close.  On the other hand, if we don't get this place I will be so devastated!!!!  To wait all that time and grow attached while making plans will be a really hard pill to swallow.
I have been shocked at the lack of properties in my price range that I'm interested in.  None of the buildings I've looked at in the past have had a single unit come up since I started looking in ernest. That has been a real eye opener, and it's not helping me feel relaxed about the waiting process.  If I wasn't sure this was the place I wanted before, now I'm committed and the lack of control is so annoying!  Fingers crossed!

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