Friday, September 27, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Day Five

I did it!!!!  I made it through day five without going out to dinner!  It was SO close though, I almost gave in to temptation last night.  The end of the week is always the hardest for me, and I even called our local pub to see what the soup was.  Thankfully it was not one of my 15 favorite soups or I really think I would have caved in.  That and the Fall TV season has started so my DVR was full of things I wanted to stay home and watch.  It was much easier to stay in because I had stocked the fridge ahead of time.  That seems to be the key to success, that and making plans to go out on the weekend.  I enjoyed the challenge so much that I have decided to try it again next week starting on Sunday.  I'm already thinking of things to make.  Have a great weekend! 

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