Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Restaurant Addicts Diet: I Have To Get My Diet On Track

I have been so focused on eating in, that losing weight has taken a back seat.  When I do go out I feel like it's a big party and I over do.  When I cook in I'm so desperate to want to cook and eat what I planned that I add extra carbs or dessert to bribe myself into it.  I want to lose a few pounds before thanksgiving, and I need to start now.  I'm going to try bribing myself with money instead of meals out for the next 2 weeks.  My friends birthday party is in two weeks and we'll get to go out to lunch and dinner that day.  In the mean time, I am really going to try to count and record calories and complete my 5 hours of exercise this week.  Last week was tough, but the week before was really great.  Yesterday was a boozy Monday, and that is really dragging down my confidence.  It doesn't help that I started this experiment wanting to lose 2 pounds and have gained 2 instead.  Here is to the 11 day diet experiment. I hate it already!

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