Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fallen Star

It's always sad when no one is surprised by a divorce announcement. Star Jones Reynolds has announced her divorce from husband of three years Al "I'm not gay" Reynolds. As I am sure everyone remembers, three years ago the couple wed in the corporate sponsored wedding of the century.
I used to really like Star when she was on The View. Then she started to get uppity. She would regale the audience with ten page packing lists for her glamorous trips to rich people places. Making it clear to everyone that she was bringing more stuff on her trip then most women own. The last straw was the conspicuous weight loss that she refused to fess up to. I know that celebrities are people too yada, yada, but you can't just over share the good stuff. Of course, people will turn on you just for over sharing in general. Remember that this time Kathy Lee! Anyway, Star told us all about her boob job, but I guess that wasn't personal to her. Hopefully she has learned a lesson from all of this. Good luck Star.

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