Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Christie Brinkley!

It amazes me how the wronged party can end up being blamed. Christie Brinkley's looser husband Peter Cock, sorry, Cook cheats on her and she still gets the blame. Now that she is divorcing him, good for her, he wants to hide his shame. He feels that he should get special treatment from the court due to his, sorry again, her celebrity and have the court proceedings private. Of course, he claims it's for the sake of the children. Too bad he didn't think of that before he stuck his dick in someone else's teenage child. This has already done it's damage to his children. Obviously he doesn't care that much about his family or this wouldn't be happening in the first place. Maybe he should use this as a teachable moment. Lesson 1 -Don't cheat on your wife, Lesson 2 - Be a man and take responsibility if you forget lesson 1. What a scum bag!

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