Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where's My Stimulus Check Fuckers?!

This is the last straw! This administration has officially hit a new low. I know, it wouldn't seem impossible; the pointless war that won't end, the mortgage crisis, the fuel crisis, the economic disaster and just crappy everything in general. So what does the village idiot decide to do? Give us regular people back some of the money he screwed us out of in taxes so he could give his uber rich pals tax breaks. And the stupid fuck can't even do that right. Where the hell is my money? It's one thing to get screwed over, but then to have the school yard bully say he's going to give you a small break and then kick you in the nuts again is unforgivable! Once they announced the refund I began to count on it. I imagine a lot of people felt that way. Then to have the government totally leave us hanging is such bullshit. I checked the IRS website yesterday, and it was totally useless. Give me my money you bastards!

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