Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Apizza Scholls

We finally got to try Apizza Scholls after hearing people rave about it for years.  We made an attempt to dine as walk ins a few weeks ago on a weeknight and were turned away.  This just made me more determined to try it, so I made a reservation.  We ordered two pies; pepperoni with mushrooms and olives and Canadian bacon and pineapple.  They're known for a slightly "charred" crust, and for me the pepperoni pizza was a little too much so.  The Canadian bacon was fantastic!  They cure it in house, and it was done just right.  I would definitely go back, but I probably won't make an effort to do so right away.  I liked it, but that's not my favorite type of crust and making a reservation for pizza is not very practical.  I would say that you should at least go once so you can be part of the conversation.  I would like to try Ken's Artisan Pizza next and compare. 

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