Monday, May 12, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: If It Was Easy...

Here I am on yet another Monday no closer to my goals than before.  I'm no worse off, which is nice, but what's the problem.  I feel like I spend a fair amount of time and energy thinking about my goals and I assume that's the issue.  I need to do more and think less.  If I'm going to splurge on Friday than I need to work harder Monday-Thursday.  Being good most of the day is enough to maintain my weight, but not enough to reduce it. 
My husband would really like to try lower carb dinners.  I really like carbs and hate making dinner, so I have always used them as the draw for shopping and cooking.  I also feel like move more eat less is the true answer to weight loss. However, I realized that I'm not getting to my goals doing what I've been doing so what the hell.  Tonight I'm making chicken cordon blue (frozen of course) and then I'm going to saute broccoli and mushrooms. 

Goals for Week of May 12th:
  1. Log what I eat.  This is the hardest goal for me, so I moved it to number one.
  2. I love my fitbit and I love hitting my step goal and tweeting about it. #10ksteps
  3. I haven't been able to get back on the #plankstreak so I'm really going to work on it. #plankit

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