Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Weighty Issues

I am not living up to my full potential where my life goals are concerned.  I have a ton of fun, which is great, but I am not making progress towards the goals I said were important to me.  Each week I set small goals towards the things I want to achieve such as steps, planks and logging my food intake.  Why do I want to do these things?  What is my motivation?  Isn't having fun enough?  So, I decided I needed to take a look at my true goals in order to re-motivate myself.

I want to lose weight.  I am not that far away from my goal weight, and yet I can't seem to make it happen.  I want to lose 13 pounds, but why?
 Losing the weight would take more working out and that would mean I was in shape.  When I'm in shape I feel more confident and find daily tasks easier.  It is more fun to wear cute cloths and cute cloths are easier to find when I'm in shape.  I think I would look younger if my face was less puffy.

I want to save money.  I love to go out and eat and drink which is contrary to my goals, but adds so much fun to my life.  My favorite thing to do is go out to bars and restaurants and eat and drink with friends.  Unfortunately this is why I need to lose 13 pounds and why I have no savings. 
I need savings in order to have a secure future.  All the fun evenings won't make up for poverty in retirement.  Buying a condo would help to secure my future and the discipline to do so will also impact eating habits. 

It seems that if I ate out less I would save both money and calories resulting in two goals one stone.  So why is it SO difficult not to go out to eat?! I can think of several reasons right off.  First, I don't enjoy to cook.  And even more so, when we go out to dinner my husband is forced not to be on the computer.  We actually sit face to face and talk for 30-60 minutes straight.  I feel like this is when we do our talking and make our future plans. 
What's the solution?  I do NOT want to stop going out it's my favorite thing, but I DO want to lose weight and save money.  I need an action plan to achieve this that addresses the following; increase activity, make smarter food choices more often, save money everywhere possible, find less expensive restaurant options. 
It sounds like I have my work cut out for me, but I do love a project that requires making lists.  I am going to make a plan to help me maximize my fun and achieve goals.  I know I have cuts both financially and caloric that I can make when it doesn't matter so that I an keep the things I love and still move forward.  Wish me luck!

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