Thursday, June 5, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: Forming a Plan

I actually surprised myself while writing my last post.  I had intended to talk about my weight and how to make progress on losing some of it, but I ended up taking a look at the big picture.  I came away with several questions for myself that required some thought.  It ended up boiling down to this, I would like to weigh less and have more money in savings.  All, of course, while not affecting my lifestyle. 
This is a work in progress, but I really feel more aware of the choices I'm making since I began questioning everything.  I find myself at the store thinking twice before I buy something and I have passed on several things I didn't need already.  I have also chosen an inexpensive pizza dinner over a fancier option I may have wanted in the past.  They have a wine I like, and their outdoor area was just as nice as some of the more expensive places.  And you know what, I had a great time!  Here are my ideas to save calories and money while still living the city lifestyle.

Restaurant Reductions:
  • If I want to go to a high end place try lunch or better yet happy hour
  • Have snacks and a few drinks at happy hour and have a light dinner on the patio at home
  • Eat breakfast and lunch at home most of the time - keep a few things on hand
  • Make a list of fun less expensive places - a patio is a patio
  • Make a list of cheap and easy weeknight meals I can make-it's hot and salad is easy
Reduce Overhead:
  • Look into getting a cheaper cable package - after Game of Thrones of course, lets get real
  • Wash full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Find out why I pay a monthly bank fee - find cheapest option
  • Save electricity: keep blinds down to use less AC and turn off lights when I leave
  • Shop around coupons and sales more
There are a lot of fun things I want to do, going out is one of them, but I also want to weigh less while doing even more.  I'm really enjoying being more thoughtful about what I'm doing.  I just may make some progress yet.  

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