Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Restaurant Addicts Diet: First Budget Meeting

My husband and I had our first sit down talk about our budget.  I was feeling angry from the minute I got up knowing it was coming, but we went through with it and I'm glad we did.  I decided that it seemed like a good idea to go out to dinner and discuss it on neutral ground with no distractions.  Plus any excuse to go out before the hammer comes down. 
It went great!  We chose a less expensive place close to home and sat outside, we couldn't help but have a nice time.  We agreed before we left home to do this process in stages and that stage one is getting all the information together.  Luckily I had written out our expenses and due dates already.  Then we chatted about where we can make cuts and what expenses are fixed.  It was nice to be on the same page and talk about the future. 
Places we can make cuts are on electricity, I'm having the dryer looked at since it takes 90 minutes to dry a load.  I turned heated dry off on the dishwasher and we agreed to turn on lights when we leave home.  My husband also agreed to use the Safeway rewards card which was a shocker!  Comcast seems to be the hard one to nail down.  They make it very difficult to compare plans apples to apples, but we are going to look at that for the next meeting.  It was great to find out how much less we're spending on transportation since we moved.  All in all I would call the first meeting a success and I can't wait to pick out a budget conscious restaurant for the next meeting.
As far as my diet goes I'm definitely stagnant.  I am getting a lot of walking in which I love, but I'm also taking all the great opportunities I have been getting for free parties through work.  Oh well, at least they're free.  And with all this walking I am racking up calories/dollars on my fitbit for The Weightless Project, I'm up to $19.85 since I signed up!!!  I do love summer!

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