Thursday, July 10, 2014

Restaurant Addict: Taco Salad Tour of PDX

The hot weather makes me crave taco salad, and I spent last week sampling three great ones.  It all started and ended on the patio of Cha Taqueria & Bar .  I got the apple wood smoked chicken and it was amazing!  I think that's what really set this one apart from the others.  I also like how the fried shell was taco sized and served like a cornucopia so it wasn't a massive fried thing that you cant help eating.  At $10 it seemed like a great deal and it was so good I went back again 6 days later and got the exact same thing.
The next day I couldn't get taco salad off my mind so I went to Casa del Matador.  This one came in the more traditional large fried shell bowl.  I chose the chicken instead of the carnitas that was listed on the menu.  I'm not a huge fan of their sour cream so I had that on the side and used it sparingly.  This was the most expensive of the three at $10.50.  It was good and I would definitely have it again, but their hard shell Tacos Dorados are my favorite so I might just get that instead.
Day three of the taco salad tour was Chipotle.  I live very close and eat here often, but I usually get the bowl with barbacoa.  This time I got the salad and it was very good and at $6 it was the least expensive and probably the healthiest.  Since you select toppings as you go, I was a little more conscious of not adding sour cream and I don't like their guacamole so I skipped that also.  I only used a little of the dressing so I saved calories there too.  This was my second favorite of the three and I will definitely get it again.  I love summer!

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