Monday, July 28, 2014

Clearly Defined Goals

My weight is inching up way too fast for comfort.  I'm sure there's some water weight blah blah blah, but facts are facts and the fact is I am eating more than I'm burning.  I have decided to go back to listing my goals for the week.  I already have a plan for my budget this week so I really just need to stick to it and add these diet and exercise goals.

Goals for the Week of July 27th:
  • Exceed 10,000 steps 6 of 7 days
  • Bike 30 minutes 3 days 
  • Plank 7 days tweet it as a motivator not to break the streak
  • Food log 5 days 
I'm hoping this will help me kick start my weight loss, I would like to be down 3 pounds next week. I have several occasions coming up where I would like to look and feel my best. 

I have taken some steps to reduce our monthly overhead by lowering our cable package and trading in one dvr for a simple converter box.  My next mission is to find the least expensive checking account at Wells Fargo.  I seem to be paying $13 per month and I could have sworn I started with free checking, I wonder if they even have that anymore.  Then I would like to sign up for the public library.  I walk past one of the best libraries on my way to and from work.  I think they might have digital books I can read on my kindle and they have movies.  Here's to reducing my weight and my debt! 

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