Monday, July 7, 2014

Get Serious

I ate too much and I drank way too much this weekend, of course, I did have a great time.  Now that the holiday weekend is behind me it's time to get serious about this whole losing weight thing.  The big calorie tanker is wine, there I said it!  I do love to have as much wine as the evening (or afternoon) calls for without a thought to the liquid calories.  In addition I do love to eat a lot after my defenses are down.  Proof of this is sitting in my cupboards and freezer in the form of ill advised drunken snack purchases made over the weekend.  That reminds me I need to clean that out right away. 
No point dwelling on the past, time to move on.  How is the hard part.  My friend and often partner in crime is cutting back on her drinking so that will help me.  If I limit my wine to 2 days per week I could cut calories and spend less.  Take out is cheaper than eating at the restaurant and less temptation for wine and bread.  With the great weather comes more opportunities to get out and walk and I have been taking advantage of a lot of those.  I just need to stop acting like I'm on vacation.  I'm sure lots of people go out to dinner and still meet their goals.  I just need to keep working at being one of them.  My goal for this week is to log everything from Monday to Thursday in my food journal. 

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