Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's For Dinner?

The age old question that haunts the end of each work day...What's for dinner?  It's the worst!!  I am not a person that loves to cook or spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning up.  In fact, I'm a person that prefers restaurants and take out.  Every once in a while I do like to make something, and I'm pretty good at a few things.  Very few. 
I cook mostly pasta, comfort foods and heat and eat and that's not really a great thing for weight loss.  My main issue is I'm not comfortable with raw meat. It gives me the creeps and I'm not really sure how to cook it properly.  I think I need to take a cooking class, but I'm also being cheap right now.  I guess a cooking class would be a fun date and learning how to cook meat could save me money in the long run. 
I'm constantly wondering what other people are making for dinner.  I think my assignment should be to find some blogs to follow and research cooking classes.  At the very least I could get some steaks and Google it.  There, now I have a plan.

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