Friday, October 3, 2014

Life Diet

This week felt like a really tough one.  I worked a lot, and had a few weeknight social engagements which I find makes it hard to maintain focus.  All that said, I did manage to bike for 30 minutes every day this week even if it meant setting my alarm to do it before work.  I also have kept above 10,000 steps every day and logged my meals all but dinner on Wednesday before seeing Dream Girls. It was really fun and it's always great to support local theater.
More good news,  I convinced my husband to join my at home Biggest Loser team.  He favors a lower carb program when he watches what he eats, so I am going to take that into consideration for meal planning.  He mentioned that he's already tired of the almonds I got him so I may have to cave and get some cashews even though I like to be cheap.  He is also trying to kick his diet Coke habit which I think is going to be hard but worthwhile. 
Things are going better with our money diet.  We increased our 401k contributions to maximum and will definitely feel the pinch of that when it starts being deducted.  We have had some low moments when an article or news report tells a bleak tale of the tech industry or lower returns now than in the past.  I imagine everyone worries about these things, but the older we get the more immediate the issues become.  My main money saving tactic has got to be cutting down on expensive out meals and drinks.  That is really the bulk of my spending and has the biggest potential for pay offs.  Ugh!!!!!!! 

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