Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mid Week Update

So far this week I have biked every day and eaten fairly well.  I have also been logging my food which is one of my least favorite things to do second to exercise.  That's the upside, the bummer part is our insurance denied the gastric sleeve surgery for my husband.  I didn't realize that I had started to really want this for him until I felt so disappointed at hearing the news. 
We have what I always thought was good health insurance with BlueCross BlueShield, but they do not cover any weight loss surgery.  They have a morbid obesity clause that excludes weight loss surgery even if it would solve other costly medical problems.  Basically you can have all the heart attacks and babies you want, but preventative weight loss measures are frowned upon.  I feel like my options now are to research our plan with a fine tooth comb and see what there is available for us, and or pay for it out of pocket. 
In the mean time I have been watching The Biggest Loser and it really inspires me.  I would love to turn our house into my own version of a Biggest Loser camp and I would love for him to join me.  Regardless of what my husband chooses to do I have to get serious about losing weight right now.  I have events coming up that I really want to feel fit for.  I'm hoping that the upcoming trip to Hawaii will inspire him to help me create a healthy lifestyle for us both so we can support each other.  I know I could really use a partner in this, after all misery does love company.  I can't wait for the weekend!

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