Monday, November 24, 2014

We're Only Human

We only get one life to live and we have to live it to the fullest.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that with all the pressures of being an adult that isn't independently wealthy with a kick ass metabolism.  I know I for one get bogged down with silly things like did I over do it and blow everything or worrying about what I'm wearing.  Even when I worry about the huge things like my spouse passing away I turn around and forget to really appreciate him. 
Between the thanksgiving holiday and a friend of mine being terminally ill I want to make appreciating the things I have a priority.  Yes, sometimes going to work or other chores isn't what we want to do but at least I'm well enough to do them.  Instead of worrying about my husband dieing, a legitimate fear since I seem to know a lot of widows,  I should increase the life insurance and appreciate each day we are together more.  If there is a way to make the small worries go away so I can keep to the business of living I should do it!  This brings me to my weight, I think I need to focus on health.  I'm working out more and trying to eat better.  That will go along way to helping me reach my goals, I think.  At least it's a positive start.  I love the holiday season!

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