Monday, November 10, 2014

So Close

I was really on a roll last time I checked in.  I was biking and cooking low carbohydrate meals at home.  I even tried new recipes!!  I made masked cauliflower and it was great!  Even my husband liked it.  Then the social activities started on Thursday afternoon and didn't stop until Sunday night.  I really lost focus and did all the things that got me to this weight in the first place.  Did I have fun?  Yes! 
That's the issue, is it worth it to skip the fun for thin?  I imagine a fitness person might say you have to re-frame what fun means to you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.  I suppose pretending you enjoy sipping water while everyone else is having wine and cheese plate.  However, I felt really good about myself while I was on task and not so much when I wasn't.   When I was with my friends and drinking I was having fun, but the regret was pretty brutal. 
I did enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I had for a few days last week, and I see it as something worth pursuing.  I went to the store to get meals for the first three days of the week.  I plan to make ahead salads for tomorrow night so that I can just heat up some meatballs and pull out the ready made side.  I really need to get serious and succeed so I can get off this roller coaster.  It's exhausting! 

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