Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Girl

I have switched candidates. I never thought it would happen. I have been a Clinton supporter since Bill's first election. I couldn't wait for Hillary to run for President. The idea of a female President that I felt I already knew was so exciting. Then reality set in.

The campaign took a toll on my feelings and loyalty for Hillary. It wasn't the Bosnia incident or any one thing. It really has been a combination of everything. The way she has campaigned and her general demeanor during speaking engagements. She just doesn't seem as personable as I had envisioned. She drones on about things in such an old school way. I did not expect that all. I assumed that she would convey the excitement I had felt about her candidacy.

Obama has shown that excitement I was looking for. He has run a clean campaign. When he speaks I actually listen. I believe him when he says he will change things for the better, and I respect him when he says it will be hard work. I may not be voting for our first female President this election, but I will be voting for our first black President. It's time for a change, and I think Obama is a very exciting one!

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