Monday, April 7, 2008

To Green Dry Clean or Not

Lately everything is a decision that could possibly doom the Earth. My latest dilemma hit me as I was looking for something to wear. I realized that I would need to go to the dry cleaner's or buy something new. Of course, cleaning something you own is recycling and obviously better for the environment. Right? Sometimes it's hard to tell anymore.
I went on line and researched green dry cleaning
and located some shops in my area that offered the service. All of them were much farther from my home then the local shop I usually use. At that point I was about to crack from the pressure of trying to be eco- friendly. Finally I decided that it would be counter productive to drive out of my way to use a cleaner service.
A similar predicament came up when I made the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. A friend of mine pointed out that if they break they have mercury in them and the clean up is quite hazardous.
I have decided that it is important to keep trying to make better decision for the environment even when it feels like you'll never get it right. If you forget your reusable bag at home every once in a blue moon, don't beat yourself up about it. And when you feel really stressed out, just ask yourself "What would Ed Begley Jr Say."

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