Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cindy McC*nt?

I love all the interviews with the candidates spouses. They try to seem perfect and real at the same time. Michelle Obama tells us how Barack leaves his dirty clothes on the floor. Of course we already know the Clinton's' aren't perfect. When Cindy McCain was on The View the other day they asked her what the biggest misconception about her husband is. She immediately answered "His temper." Everyone has heard of his famous temper. Yelling and swearing at other politicians, etc. That seems reasonable, but how about calling his wife a cunt in front of reporters and photographer's? Is that OK? I think not! If the guy can't even keep the dreaded "c" word to himself in front of people what does he say when only few are listening? I don't care how long his day was! That was his excuse for his behavior. How long are the days in the White House going to be? This is the kind of "diplomacy" we can do without. I only pray that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hanging around the next time McCain "has a long day."

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