Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plastic Surgery Catalogue?

Yes! I got one in the mail today as a matter of fact. I suppose it's more of a large brochure than a catalogue, but still. There were actually coupons! The last thing I want is discount Botox. I suppose cosmetic surgery is a business, but it seems shady at best. Maybe I'm being naive. It is a very competitive field that has large market. I read ladies magazines, I know the statistics. I also know that many women every year fall prey to "easy" plastic surgery. Often people with less than great results had spontaneous procedures at "Botox parties", but discounts lure people in too. With the "deals" these quickie mart physicians offer it is just so tempting not to think it through and get a referral from your regular Dr and do your research. They even have cosmetic surgery stores at the mall now. I just think it's important to use a physician that doesn't accept non emergency walk-ins. The last straw was when I turned over the brochure I received and saw that the Dr's office was actually located on SW Shady Lane. I think that about sums it up. Don't you.

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