Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bouncing with the Stars

As you know I love Dancing with the Stars. Which is why I feel badly that I am going to have to call them out and say something negative. The show has been a very positive influence when it comes to supporting many types of people. They have had older contestants both male and female, a one legged dancer and now a deaf contestant. I applaud all of these things. That said, they don't like the fatties. That fabulous Marissa Jaret Winokur can't catch a break to save her life. Those three bitches, Carrie Ann, Len & Bruno, have something negative to say every week!
This week she knocked them dead! I was so thrilled for her! The judges had nothing negative to say. Or did they? I was enjoying the glow of her success and energy when I had to rewind my DVR. An odd word had some how worked it's way into each and every judges comments. Carrie Ann said "You were bouncing! (pause) like bouncing!" Then Len weighed in with "More bounce to the ounce!" And Bruno brought it all together with "Bouncing like a beach ball" and "Once you got into it there was no stopping you!"
I believe those comments are what is technically referred to as "back handed compliments". The classics of this type of put down are:
1. You have such a pretty face. = but a big fat ugly body
2. You have so much potential. = but right now you are a looser.
You get the point. I do not think that this is an appropriate thing to do to someone in public as you are supposedly complimenting them. Shame on you three bitches!

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